15th October 1999 Archive

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  • Satan's little helpers get hammers out to i820 mobos

    Still looks like Q1 as gnomes and elves remove third slot

    Business 15 06:54

  • Rambus performs well in Q4

    It's a good buy, not a goodbye yet

    Business 15 07:20

  • Localtel savaged by BBC's Watchdog

    Tempo announces on national TV that it will stop stocking Screaming.net CDs

    Business 15 07:44

  • Priceline's MS lawsuit: shark versus shark?

    All the MS trademarks are there, but this time the 'victim' is a little different

    Business 15 08:43

  • LCD drought set to worsen

    Component shortages compound problem, push up prices

    Business 15 10:34

  • Mobile Squelcher jams cellphone calls

    What diseased mind thought this one up?

    Business 15 10:50

  • Mr Modem goes to work at Carphone Warehouse

    Cellphone retailer signs to sell PC Card modems in all its stores

    Business 15 11:14

  • Corel chief charged with insider dealing

    Cowpland fights to clear his name after offloading shares

    Business 15 11:26

  • Iomega continues to shed red

    Q3 profits worse than last time

    Business 15 11:34

  • Ericsson, Symbian, Palm lead wireless Web alliance

    With help from IBM and Oracle - but where are Nokia and MS?

    Business 15 11:50

  • Sun announces record levels of smugness as Q1 results rocket

    We're the best, stuff the rest -- Zander, McNealy, et al

    Business 15 12:06

  • Action suspends shares – again

    Statement expected soon from mail order giant

    Business 15 12:12

  • Landis gets ilion at last

    Official announcement made today

    Business 15 12:24

  • Quake pushes back iMac's Japanese debut

    Only standard iMac, iBook make it on time -- but in limited numbers

    Business 15 12:35

  • Pro-coup hackers crack Pakistan site

    Support for military regime pledged online

    Business 15 12:55

  • MS lobbies to slash DoJ antitrust budget

    Conduct during litigation (against MS) has been shocking, apparently

    Business 15 14:27

  • Fat and Fast – IBM drive breaks land speed record

    Dinosaur comparisons for dinosaur company

    Business 15 14:35

  • Chipzilla risks humiliation with breakneck i820 launch

    Old Mother Chipton foresees doom and despondency

    Business 15 14:40

  • US Congress' electronic signatures bill clears hurdle

    So much for the sprint -- now it's an uphill climb....

    Business 15 14:41

  • Xeon to beat desktop Pentium IIIs in MHz stakes

    Workstation chief predicts thousands of Merced systems with developers by early next year

    Business 15 15:12

  • Sun, Fujitsu to shore up Sparc in time for Itanium assault

    Unified multi-processors hardware spec. due 2001-2003

    Business 15 15:14

  • StarOffice chief: why Sun community source beats GPL

    Marco Boerries runs the highest profile Sun community source operation - by choice, he says

    Business 15 15:32

  • Apple reverses CPU downgrade for existing orders

    Buyers of 500MHz Power Mac to get $350 off on 450MHz model

    Business 15 16:05

  • Woman walks away from $70k online gambling debt

    Visa and MasterCard write-off debt, thanks to Californian state law

    Business 15 16:19

  • 1GHz copper Athlon production starts next week

    Strange but true - the new-look efficient AMD seems to be on schedule

    Business 15 16:26

  • Whatever happened to… Intel's processor serial number?

    Little storm in big teacup

    Business 15 17:14