14th October 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq now a victim of anti-Dell move to Taiwan

    It struck a huge deal back in June but acts of god intervene

    Business 14 08:10

  • Athlon 700 price to crash: AMD, Intel war escalates

    Battle continues across already bloody landscape with Celeron, PIII cuts in offing

    Business 14 08:55

  • Via hit by chipset glitch

    Is this chipset disease catching?

    Business 14 09:25

  • Samsung breaks 1Gb flash barrier

    Breakthrough comes at right time

    Business 14 09:47

  • Blair outbids Gates on Net platitudes

    Stop talking, and get Oftel on the case, Our Graham recommends

    Business 14 09:55

  • Free monitor promo to kick off in US

    First there was the free PC, now the free monitor, what next -- a free lunch? Nah

    Business 14 10:31

  • Big Blue backs PowerPC G4 with production deal

    IBM to second-source G4s for Apple -- Jobs breathes major sigh of relief...

    Business 14 11:26

  • The Register PR bunny of the month award


    Business 14 11:53

  • Northern ISP to charge service abusers

    GreatXscape wants to stop free call scalpers

    Business 14 11:58

  • Apple Q3 profit down to $111m

    Better than expected -- just

    Business 14 12:01

  • Sun to triumph over MS in Web wars – StarOffice chief

    And Steve Ballmer is all mouth, Boerries seems to reckon

    Business 14 12:12

  • Watchdog bares teeth at Net companies

    Dodgy ads bring stern reprimand from ASA

    Business 14 12:37

  • Apple downgrades Power Mac CPUs – but not their prices

    Motorola blamed -- again

    Business 14 12:44

  • Intel porno squatters want $400k – bare faced cheek

    Bare naked ladies giveway to bare naked capitalism

    Business 14 13:01

  • Judge re-rules for Intel in Intergraph patent fight

    Chipzilla wins round two -- Intergraph prepares for round three

    Business 14 13:02

  • Families sought over Net to adopt UK kids

    Social workers resort to technology to find homes for children

    Business 14 13:15

  • MSN Europe to go subs-free

    UK's MSNFreeWeb sets example

    Business 14 13:52

  • Initiative seeks to ease Linux internationalisation

    Language to be independent of applications, Linux distributions

    Business 14 15:04

  • Intel to buy DSP Communications

    Chipzilla spends it way into cellular comms chip market

    Business 14 15:22

  • US ups the DRAM anti-dumping stakes

    Taiwanese makers hit by massive tariff hikes

    Business 14 15:36

  • Net secrets land aircraft engineer in gaol

    Chinese gov't in lenient prison sentence shock

    Business 14 15:37

  • MS to switch to rental model with Win2k?

    If you sift through Ballmer's remarks about 'service', it looks like it could happen

    Business 14 15:49

  • Apple still missing the mark on megaHertz

    Get those clock speeds up, folks...

    Business 14 16:08

  • AOL Germany blitzes its way to one million members

    First AOL country outside US to hit the magic number

    Business 14 16:21

  • Gas chips to replace semiconductors, predicts boffin

    How it became necessary to destroy the silicon chip in order to save it

    Business 14 16:33

  • MS stops customers from revealing MS software performance

    The customer is always right to remain silent. I didn't know that, bleats Ballmer

    Business 14 16:33

  • Win2k rollout sliding to February?

    We told you this already, and lesser mortals are starting to agree

    Business 14 17:08

  • Celeron III, anyone?

    ... new Intel brand gets stealth launch

    Business 14 17:36