13th October 1999 Archive

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  • Intel chief: 64-bit could take ten years to conquer desktop

    And Moore's Law isn't dead after all

    Business 13 06:37

  • Intel still king of x86 jungle despite Q3 slip

    Never mind coppermine, it's a goldmine, no bananas

    Business 13 08:39

  • i840 Carmel mobo details leak

    For a few dollars less...

    Business 13 09:11

  • Gates to tangle with BBC's top attack interviewer

    We feel sure somebody in the (Microsoft) Great Man's office has blundered...

    Business 13 09:26

  • Intel Coppermine mobiles: we got the prices

    Meanwhile Geyserville has a name-change...

    Business 13 10:37

  • Porno filth removed by clean-living Register


    Business 13 11:03

  • Quantum kicks C2000 into touch

    Distie's deals with rivals lead to parting of the ways

    Business 13 11:21

  • Charity begins online

    UK ISP aims to raise funds by getting good causes on the Net

    Business 13 11:42

  • MS out in cold as Symbian and Palm team up

    World domination beckons as dream ticket forms

    Business 13 11:45

  • USB 2.0 to reach 480Mbps – official

    Target speed set with draft specification release

    Business 13 12:01

  • Another top exec quits Ingram

    COO joins Hyperion as president

    Business 13 12:06

  • Gateway opts for MIPS-Linux for Web server offering

    Old Wintel loyalist strikes deal with Cobalt Networks

    Business 13 12:29

  • Intel inside Taiwan's Insyde BIOS

    An interesting tale of Intel investment

    Business 13 12:33

  • Motorola Q3 profits up 730 per cent

    Iridium still draining dollars, though

    Business 13 12:35

  • Porno hacker fingered by AOpen

    Investigation points to outsider as source of hidden porn

    Business 13 12:38

  • Gates' Euro 99 tour: If it's Wednesday, its Monaco

    But what the world needs is the Bill and Larry show

    Business 13 12:52

  • Porno cyber squatters target Intel

    Intel Inside? Maybe, but that ain't all...

    Business 13 14:59

  • Massive ecommerce spending boom predicted

    Jump of 300 per cent to hit next year

    Business 13 15:46

  • US computer glitch issues raft of entry visas

    IT skills shortage? No problem, just let your unskilled computer staff issue a load of visas to tech workers

    Business 13 16:18

  • Palm Pilot TCO is $2.7k a year, says unhinged report

    Gartner recommends sending the tab through the roof by letting IS loose. No, we don't make this up...

    Business 13 17:18

  • Windows Millennium headed for dead pile?

    Microsoft denies the rumours absolutely, but they're curiously compelling...

    Business 13 17:24