12th October 1999 Archive

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  • Linux guru Raymond accused of ‘vulgar Marxism’

    First Monday makes desperate bid for hits

    Business 12 08:55

  • Intel's Xeon chips to migrate downwards

    The middle meets the top end, the leg bone's connected to the hip bone

    Business 12 09:25

  • MS to hike enterprise pricing 50 per cent – Gartner

    Or over five years, 224 per cent for 5000 desktop installations

    Business 12 09:39

  • SiS licenses Rise x86 technology

    Comes to rescue of ailing Tiger

    Business 12 10:03

  • PC Science stock sold by administrators

    Clearing out the warehouse today

    Business 12 10:06

  • Rambus fixed? We'll wait and see

    Intel, Rambus working hard to get off memory hook

    Business 12 10:40

  • Dell pumps $8.5 billion into Samsung for LCDs

    Investment to fund new production plant, keep Dell supplied during glut

    Business 12 10:46

  • MS touts free service calls – - for channel

    £1 million dealer programme

    Business 12 10:56

  • 08004u publishes customer records by mistake

    Five minute concentration lapse

    Business 12 10:59

  • Gateway cow maddens mothers

    Rubber promo toy labelled hazard to children

    Business 12 11:03

  • Intel scores Nokia Linux set-top box deal

    Do we see a reference platform coming on?

    Business 12 11:10

  • FT, Alcatel demo next year's high-speed wireless access

    FT Paris trial goes live in Geneva

    Business 12 11:48

  • O'Reilly, VA Linux, SGI to drive Debian retail push

    Debian gets Red Hat, Caldera treatment

    Business 12 12:00

  • TurboLinux follows Intel's investment with VC cash

    $6 million injection to fund management, programming team expansion

    Business 12 12:29

  • EU scraps global Net tapping plans… for now

    Current draft too vague

    Business 12 12:32

  • Times promotes Murdoch interests with call for Free Net

    Well, that's what we think

    Business 12 12:57

  • MS-Lucent vs IBM-Nokia – rival ‘Web anywhere’ camps form

    Nokia buddies up to Pervasive strategy while Lucent sells Exchange to ASPs

    Business 12 13:02

  • Microsoft lifts wallets online

    Fifty retailers sign up

    Business 12 13:03

  • Compaq silence on everything deafens universe

    The sound of one pin dropping would shatter the calm

    Business 12 14:34

  • Computer Prices UK does its bit to kill Rip-Off Britain

    ...And saves having to flick through Computer Shopper

    Business 12 15:01

  • Oldest online info service goes portal

    Can Dialog make the transition?

    Business 12 15:24

  • Time for Europe to stamp out software pirates, BSA says

    Flog 'em. And if that don't work, make 'em walk the plank

    Business 12 15:47

  • Mobo giant hosts secret porn site

    The Register uncovers AOpen pornjack

    Business 12 16:11

  • Gates' WinCE mobile phone demo – vapourware again?

    The demo was highly improbable, as was the claim that it was MS-designed...

    Business 12 16:37