11th October 1999 Archive

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  • Rise not shining in chip desperation derby

    Tiger, tiger burning a little dim

    Business 11 08:12

  • VA Linux files IPO, Intel invests in TurboLinux

    Hands up all the Linux outfits Intel hasn't put money into yet

    Business 11 08:38

  • IE5 security hole plugged

    Active Scripting saved for posterity

    Business 11 09:02

  • AMD, Intel deny mobo muscle allegations

    But i820 debacle has had its part to play

    Business 11 09:21

  • Via piles pressure on Chipzilla with chipset intro

    Don't forget, Chipzilla is paranoid about Via

    Business 11 09:38

  • Nokia goes down the toilet

    ...but survives to tell the tale

    Business 11 09:42

  • Phreaker with £100k phone bill avoids jail

    Judge warns UK phone hacker to stay out of trouble

    Business 11 10:56

  • Intel to come clean on i820, Rambus tomorrow

    Seven Dramurai crumble, while DDR solidifies

    Business 11 11:02

  • Gates in secret meeting with head of EC

    Prodi comes under fire for taking tea with the Great Stan

    Business 11 11:41

  • Apple hit by 'PowerPC G4 can't reach 500MHz' bug

    Data cache corruption glitch not to be fixed until December

    Business 11 11:42

  • Acer Semi to merge with TSMC?

    Rumours are rife, Shih must be hopeful

    Business 11 12:09

  • Intel admits founder's Law on its last legs

    Chip transistors will soon be too small to work, says Chipzilla boffin

    Business 11 12:14

  • Profit slips as Ideal looks to services

    New division to save the day as traditional stomping ground gets over-crowded

    Business 11 12:39

  • DRAM supplies dry up – OEMs face long wait

    Memory market continues to be as stable as a drunken uni-cyclist

    Business 11 14:48

  • Fear and loathing in Euro telecoms market

    France Telecom and Deutsche wrangle over wreck of global alliance

    Business 11 14:51

  • Dirty Dozen picked for W2K

    MS buddies up to push new Office variant to corporate market

    Business 11 18:01

  • Japanese chip makers look forward to a merry Xmas

    Price hike declared ahead of busy period

    Business 11 18:02

  • MS, Intel and friends want to keep your data safe

    'Open' alliance uses e-trust figleaf to cover control-freak nuts

    Business 11 18:33

  • Taiwanese notebook makers bid for Hyundai LCD

    Consortium sets its sights on Korean's screens division

    Business 11 18:56

  • AOL UK users strike back

    Twenty-four hour boycott of service is threatened unless ISP sorts out 0800 access

    Business 11 19:02

  • CurrantBun goes stale, gets thrown in bin

    News International tries again, with fiendishly renamed Bun.com service

    Business 11 19:03