7th October 1999 Archive

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  • Cadence ‘still committed to Scotland’

    Scots parliament springs a nasty leak

    Business 07 09:42

  • Sony to launch Playstation-based (Linux?) workstation

    Emotion Engine to form base of blow-your-socks-off thunderbox

    Business 07 10:04

  • Tailored Linux systems will supplant Windows, says Torvalds

    Old standard block approach doomed

    Business 07 10:06

  • QXL eight times oversubscribed

    Successful IPO

    Business 07 10:13

  • DoJ's MS-busting budget a bargain – but what has MS spent?

    Statement of costs shows great bangs per buck

    Business 07 10:31

  • Nvidia goes bi-annual barmy

    New AGPs to roll every six months - are they mad?

    Business 07 11:27

  • CHS canned by Intel

    Major distie loses Chipzilla franchise in UK & Germany

    Business 07 12:07

  • The channel is revolting – against CTS prices

    Resellers & disties complain they can't afford to make an exhibition of themselves

    Business 07 13:45

  • Microsoft's Satanic Majesty requests

    Google Eyes links Microsoft with Evil

    Business 07 14:07

  • Microsoft uses (some) Macs in Redmond

    ...says WordPerfect user Graham Lea

    Business 07 14:13

  • HP gears up to go direct

    Server configuration scheme reveals hidden secret

    Business 07 14:25

  • Top exec quits BTInternet over lack of investment

    Telecomms giant criticised for focus on telecomms

    Business 07 14:45

  • Taiwan quake sees PC vendors bin product launches

    Component shortages start to make themselves known

    Business 07 14:56

  • Nokia ambushes rivals with flashy, lightweight 8210

    Tero waxes lyrical on Nokia's pincer movement

    Business 07 15:45

  • Athlon Powers turns AMD loss into not-as-big AMD loss

    Blames quake for sales slip, but beats analysts' expectations anyway

    Business 07 15:50

  • SGI Cray C90 – blazingly fast, momentarily

    Brother, can you spare a Cray?

    Business 07 16:23

  • Online Jewish bun-fight erupts

    Community divided over who best serves the community

    Business 07 16:53

  • Linux for credit cards ships

    Or more properly, credit cards for Linux...

    Business 07 17:38

  • Philips cans Velo, bows out of WinCE

    Bound to flee to Symbian - but will it be welcome?

    Business 07 17:39