6th October 1999 Archive

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  • Intel Itanium to make moves on mainstream

    High-end 64-bit databases given MMX, SSE support -- surely some mistake...

    Business 06 01:22

  • AMD unveils server-oriented Athlon ‘Xeon’

    Multi-processing Athlon to be first to support x86-64, AMD's 'Merced mauler'

    Business 06 01:26

  • IBM all out for bandwidth with 170m-transistor Power4

    Still keeping quiet about speed, though

    Business 06 02:18

  • MS tops UK online ad spend table

    A large slice of a smallish pie, it would seem...

    Business 06 09:02

  • Insurers attacked over Y2K exclusions

    Xerox, Microsoft, others, thought to have contested claims worth $Millions

    Business 06 09:24

  • Compaq buys X-rated consultancy team

    But can they speak English?

    Business 06 10:10

  • Software escrow – a useful tool for small developers?

    If the customers know where the source is, and know where to get it, maybe

    Business 06 10:26

  • Net Finance News: 16-23 Sept 1999


    Business 06 10:33

  • Net Finance News: 24-30 Sept 1999


    Business 06 10:36

  • Halifax turns to Net banking for Greenfields and pastures new

    Spends £100m on standalone division

    Business 06 11:15

  • MS renews assault with ‘Linux Myths’ document

    Which is worth paying attention to in order to see where MS thinks it should attack

    Business 06 11:31

  • Nortel Come Together tagline has pulling power

    And yes, it really does have an office in Maidenhead

    Business 06 11:41

  • Novell digitalme – a privacy can of worms?

    The company's intentions may be honest, but that might not help...

    Business 06 11:52

  • MS and BT team to launch global wireless Web service

    And in this case, MS is David, not Goliath

    Business 06 13:02

  • Bid online for airline seats – and then wait for the post

    British Midland sells off spare seats to the highest bidder

    Business 06 13:45

  • Mesh is top of the consumer pops

    Beats off stiff competition to pick up gong

    Business 06 13:52

  • SVA Storms into the channel

    StorageTek hitches Leeds-based reseller to SVA bandwagon

    Business 06 14:04

  • Thin is in at Compaq

    Remember when Compaq said thin clients were a poor substitute for the PC, we do

    Business 06 14:18

  • As if by MAJC, a new chip arrived

    Sun shines light on new processor initiative

    Business 06 15:28

  • It's Time to beam me up Scotty

    Star Trek star to advertise UK assembler's machines

    Business 06 15:29

  • Chipzilla coughs on Coppermine

    733MHz part initially rising rapidly to 800MHz and beyond

    Business 06 15:31

  • Motorola speeds PowerPC to compete on clock speed

    Apple clearly losing the MHz marketing battle

    Business 06 15:33

  • Intel underestimated Rambus difficulty, Tyan says

    But does it add up to strategic inflection point for VIA?

    Business 06 16:32

  • Red Hat takes aim at Linux Web portal business

    Huge switch in business focus to come via e-commerce, content efforts

    Business 06 18:17

  • Bloodstained pix of executed man crash Florida Web site

    Good taste? They've heard of it...

    Business 06 18:47

  • PlayStation 3 to ship 2002

    Sony exec hints at rapid evolution of Emotion Engine, PlayStation line

    Business 06 19:33

  • GigaPixel takes on 3dfx, S3, Nvidia with… tiles

    Tile-based rendering faster, better looking than polygons claims company

    Business 06 20:24