5th October 1999 Archive

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  • Prague outfit prepares NetBeans development tools

    And may have caught Sun's eye

    Business 05 07:13

  • So how old is the Net, and did Sputnik invent it?

    Our Graham braindumps 42 years of history...

    Business 05 07:18

  • MS-commissioned secret audit clears MS over Hotmail holes

    Huge victory for self-regulation, says Man in Suit

    Business 05 10:26

  • Freeserve takes a piece of the music retail action

    Splashes out £2.6m on stake in CD retailer

    Business 05 11:44

  • MCI WorldCom Sprints into telco mega-deal

    World's largest ever merger bid sees three-way tie-up in US market

    Business 05 11:50

  • One in three Brits owns a mobile phone

    Cellphone vendors cash-in on summer bonanza for pre-pay phones

    Business 05 13:17

  • Day of the robots is coming, says UN

    No it isn't, world + dog replies

    Business 05 13:49

  • New XML indexing engine

    Comes with Java XML to HTML convertor

    Business 05 14:44

  • Jewish Web sites slug it out

    Not so much a case of David and Goliath, more David and smaller David

    Business 05 14:58

  • IBM points Power4 ‘Gigaprocessor’ at 2GHz

    The wraps come off the roadmap today, but it'll still be over a year before it ships

    Business 05 15:14

  • iMac II to show its face today

    Top secret launch to be announced by Jobs, don't tell anyone

    Business 05 15:46

  • US firm previews 140GB media disk storage

    Based on fluorescent incoherent light technology, of course

    Business 05 15:51

  • MS aims for e-education leverage via $25m MIT deal

    The five year project follows a $20m Gates donation in April, coincidentally, no doubt

    Business 05 15:54

  • Sex shame at 30,000 ft exec puts Nortel tagline into practice

    Come together

    Business 05 16:08

  • Cut-price Nissan on sale via Web

    Not £14k, not £10k, do I hear £180..?

    Business 05 16:20

  • AMD takes SledgeHammer to beat Intel's Merced

    But curiously, the strategy's a lot subtler than the codename...

    Business 05 16:30

  • Chipzilla takes bite of Net business

    Latest acquisition pushes Intel further into the Internet

    Business 05 17:30