4th October 1999 Archive

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  • Middle-aged men dominate BritNet Spend

    Another symbol of our vicious class-ridden patriarchal society

    Business 04 06:58

  • States MS trial lawyer – was he pushed or did he jump?

    Politics and pressure may have taken their toll on Houck

    Business 04 07:26

  • Morita, architect of Sony, dies

    Marketing genius who helped build postwar Japan

    Business 04 07:29

  • Crap HP sales reps get new cars

    Ford Taurus symbolises 'plodding, conservative culture'

    Business 04 07:29

  • Quake ripples and Rambus fiasco hit Dell, HP

    It appears there's a slight snag to short inventory tails...

    Business 04 07:31

  • Micron crows over Rambus roadkill

    But he who crows last crows loudest...

    Business 04 08:01

  • K7s cheaper than PIIIs ‘at all speeds’

    CPU Review gets out its slide rule

    Business 04 10:04

  • Ecommerce in the Palm of your hand

    But only if you happen to live in the US

    Business 04 10:33

  • It's jocks away for Motorola

    One thousand new jobs created near Edinburgh

    Business 04 11:27

  • HP slips as profits dip

    Unix sales team gets a kick up the Taurus

    Business 04 11:32

  • Taiwan to get big Hitachi chip contracts

    Electronics company outsources chip production

    Business 04 11:51

  • E-millionaires cash in big time

    UK is a ker-ching friendly zone for UK Web entrepreneurs

    Business 04 12:16

  • Let it be Thus, Scottish Telecom decrees

    Open and Thus case

    Business 04 12:21

  • Chip sales soar as PC market balloons

    Figures hit a four year high point

    Business 04 12:26

  • Merced now called Itanium

    Brand name unveiled

    Business 04 15:16

  • Psion rubbishes Palm, aims Revo at wireless, ‘lifestyle’

    Pulls a cute little rabbit out of hat, might not be screwed after all...

    Business 04 15:32

  • Different strokes for cellphone folks

    Reading too many mobile phone scare stories will probably damage your health as well…

    Business 04 15:33

  • Nine new PIII flavours revealed

    A Chipzilla in time launches nine…

    Business 04 16:25

  • Cyber narcotics to outwit police

    Download your dope via the Net, or not -- as the case may be

    Business 04 16:49

  • Pentium-killer PCs are go

    UK assemblers ship Athlon 700s to a waiting world

    Business 04 16:57