1st October 1999 Archive

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  • Sun to give away Solaris source code

    Not via open source, but it's not a trap either

    Business 01 08:51

  • MS annual report reckons trials won't hurt company

    We're all entitled to our opinion, of course...

    Business 01 09:05

  • Six week wait for ATI OEMs

    But not if you happen to be one of its big OEMs, interestingly enough

    Business 01 09:35

  • Post Nuclear Blast Hitachi re-opens DRAM plant

    Update: DRAM Chain reaction

    Business 01 09:58

  • Ex-Compaqer Pfeiffer emerges at Intershop

    Who they?

    Business 01 11:10

  • CallNet unveils bargain bin ISDN

    Undercuts BT on call charges, but ties users in for three years

    Business 01 11:30

  • ICL man slept with actress – - official

    But it was all done in the best possible taste, of course

    Business 01 11:39

  • E-mail security scare at LineOne

    OSP looking into it

    Business 01 11:53

  • Samsung shuts down Rambus production

    Production shifting to SDRAM until Intel can come up with a new Camino launch date

    Business 01 12:00

  • Mesh shows off Athlon 700 systems ahead of launch

    Prices, specs -- you want 'em, we got 'em

    Business 01 12:03

  • K7/Athlon 700s: official launch date

    It's Monday, 4 October

    Business 01 12:08

  • Net name row ends in silence

    Legal battle averted -- for the time being at least

    Business 01 12:11

  • Flashpoint no flash in the pan for ATI

    Distributor scores top award - again

    Business 01 12:40

  • Amazon: the Q starts here

    e-tailers rush for prime site

    Business 01 12:51

  • Apple to launch iMac II next week

    So why get stroppy about the leaked pics, boys?

    Business 01 13:40

  • Leaked email exposes MS charity as PR exercise

    Give-aways used to address company's image problems

    Business 01 15:30

  • DOS alive and not very well hidden in Millennium beta

    So farewell then, allegations and hype to the contrary...

    Business 01 16:00