30th September 1999 Archive

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  • Gates outlines how smart devices will eclipse PC

    Not deliberately, of course, but maybe Win2k and Neptune aren't such big deals after all...

    Business 30 09:41

  • Games developer to eat insects if bugs infest software

    Is this an insane bid for publicity? Is the Pope a Catholic?

    Business 30 10:19

  • Is Monterey Unix's revenge?

    It could be shaping up to be the real threat to Win2k

    Business 30 10:24

  • Bluetooth to figure in French high-speed mobile data

    To be implemented in GPRS service next year

    Business 30 11:36

  • Ingram launches UK components division

    It's exciting...

    Business 30 11:53

  • Microsoft jump-starts streaming media offensive

    MS brings in big guns, draws bead on RealNetworks, Apple

    Business 30 11:59

  • Red Hat ready to launch Linux 6.1 this week

    Kernel updates, bug-fixes, improved installers ahoy!

    Business 30 12:11

  • New IE5 security hole leaves PCs wide open to hacking

    Switch it off, quick...

    Business 30 12:15

  • AOL users are revolting

    Cost of 0800 access could put us out of business weeps service provider

    Business 30 12:19

  • Sotec unveils un-iMac-like eOne design

    Blue box becomes not-so-blue box

    Business 30 12:31

  • Computacenter 'preps £250m Synstar bid'

    Not one of our rumours

    Business 30 12:45

  • Ideal unveils new reseller services offering

    Leasing, training, PR & marketing, you name it they're offering it

    Business 30 12:57

  • Nintendo selects S3 texture comp. for next-gen console

    Could have had 3dfx's for free

    Business 30 13:07

  • CIA recruits video game mogul for IT venture

    Ex-Holobyte exec Louie to pick high tech investments for spies

    Business 30 13:25

  • Chips are down for RAM burglars

    Blockhead thieves leg it with faulty goods

    Business 30 13:44

  • Sony signs Six for Stick

    Memory Stick standard drive begins in earnest

    Business 30 14:36

  • Massive recall hits Western Digital

    Faulty chip causes disks to fail

    Business 30 15:54

  • Telinco whacks AOL, chins Freeserve for confusing users

    Also announces its own 0800 service, but is keeping details to itself for now

    Business 30 15:55

  • IBM maps out company-wide Linux strategy

    It's a key platform, and all the key software will go onto it

    Business 30 19:15

  • New Psion Revo for consumer market escapes early

    It looks like Psion is trying an overdue back to basics approach

    Business 30 21:13