29th September 1999 Archive

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  • Via chipset found lurking in IBM PC

    Big Blue takes step away from Intel, follows Apple's lead with snap-on colour notebook covers

    Business 29 07:27

  • Gates' stake in MS drops 4.5 per cent

    And outside MS, he maybe has around $13 billion

    Business 29 08:12

  • Apple demands Web sites kill iMac II pics

    Naked iMac II spied on Web, then not, then back again, then not

    Business 29 09:20

  • Network Solutions buys ICANN's cooperation

    It's not exactly love, but it'll have to do...

    Business 29 10:09

  • How much does MS need to dampen down its stock price?

    Steve Ballmer's impromptu remarks could have been helpful - accidentally, of course...

    Business 29 10:19

  • MS downscales Millennium plans – allegedly

    But they weren't really that upscale in the first place

    Business 29 10:47

  • AOL cans 0800 plans

    What next for subs-based service?

    Business 29 10:56

  • Timing problem renders all Camino boards virtually useless

    What a bunch of Muppets, says highly-placed source

    Business 29 11:04

  • Chips makers gear up as power restored to Taiwan

    Full production likely to be hit by end of the week

    Business 29 11:13

  • Linux distributor Caldera delays IPO

    Does Caldera's plan signal a shift in the economics of Linux?

    Business 29 11:14

  • When you wish upon a chipset

    A quick trawl shows Intel isn't reacting very fast to the Camino cockup...

    Business 29 11:45

  • New Transmeta patent reveals x86-killer design

    The product will be cheaper and faster than existing chips, and it'll run anything - honest

    Business 29 12:03

  • Cadence SoCs it to Net phones, MP3

    Single chip for cheapo IP telephony

    Business 29 12:04

  • IBM climbs into bed with NTT for Net bundle

    It's in the lease

    Business 29 14:34

  • Misdials report Lastminute.com glitch

    Rotten luck that phone number is so similar to Register's

    Business 29 14:36

  • Finance watchdog calls for e-regulator status

    Outdated rules need improving

    Business 29 14:45

  • S3 announces Mobile Savage design wins

    Only Intel won't let it say with whom...

    Business 29 14:57

  • Caldera signs Linux Net appliance deal with Fujitsu

    Caldera-based Net access devices emerge from under server bundling deal's skirts

    Business 29 15:36

  • DRAM robberies are back

    Dane-Elec turned over for the second time this year

    Business 29 15:48

  • Child porn conference damns Net

    Speakers seek to make possession, as well as distribution, illegal in every nation

    Business 29 16:15

  • Compaq to push Alpha volumes by ‘leveraging Linux’

    Despite reorgs, Big Q loves Alpha more than ever, says Heil

    Business 29 18:08