28th September 1999 Archive

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  • Millennium, MS consumer OS, goes to beta – really

    Testers put on alert for Wednesday switch-on

    Business 28 06:27

  • Memec up for sale as parent group merges

    Veba Electronics on the block

    Business 28 07:12

  • Freeserve preps women's portal, credit cards and auctions

    Shares down as ISP posts £5m losses

    Business 28 09:23

  • France Telecom flogs books, CDs, videos online

    Formidable obstacle to Amazon's French ambitions

    Business 28 09:53

  • Micron raises 64Mb DRAM contract prices…

    ...while spot prices carry on climbing

    Business 28 10:40

  • Teledesic to launch sooner than expected

    Satellite company admits it's looking at early entries to market to avoid 'Iridium Syndrome'

    Business 28 10:45

  • Freeserve decides users want lower dial-up fees after all

    Free ISP to offer phone bill rebates

    Business 28 11:00

  • Cam in no 820, your time is up

    Wasn't it supposed to have four memory slots, History Man Pete Sherriff writes

    Business 28 11:05

  • Daily Mail science hack baffled by new technology


    Business 28 11:33

  • Naked iMac II spied on Web

    German Mac site publishes the photos

    Business 28 12:16

  • Microsoft buys $15m stake in Akamai

    That's one in the eye for Apple's QuickTime strategy

    Business 28 12:46

  • Scottish ISP hit by cut-price calls hoax

    Xcalibre targeted with spoof Web site

    Business 28 13:06

  • UK ISP offers £500k prize in online ad casino

    But it's not the odds-on favourite on odds

    Business 28 15:17

  • Jungle.com doubles first month sales target

    But some of its customers aren't too happy

    Business 28 15:39

  • Win2k everywhere: 70 per cent of you will upgrade

    Hope triumphs over experience, apparently...

    Business 28 16:27

  • Nader demands DNS for the people, by the people

    International government should oversee ICANN, says consumer rights crusader

    Business 28 16:34

  • MS teams with USWeb in major app rental play

    And the announcement has got absolutely nothing to do with UFOs, OK?

    Business 28 17:18