27th September 1999 Archive

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  • Confusion over Profusion, Coronary over Corollary

    Small bug in Xeon 550s -- not many hurt

    Business 27 Sep 08:04

  • Silence is golden for Samsung HDDs

    Pitched at consumer apps

    Business 27 Sep 08:14

  • IBM buddies with MS over Win2k server

    Near Redmond, IBM techies beaver away on 'Microsoft technologies'

    Business 27 Sep 09:14

  • US mobile phone consolidation – five and counting

    The switch to digital is helping at least one 'minnow'

    Business 27 Sep 09:18

  • CallServe launches Net telephony service

    Into shark-filled waters, probably...

    Business 27 Sep 09:44

  • Tandem founder Treybig holds forth on e-business

    It's the data integrity, stupid...

    Business 27 Sep 09:46

  • IBM 1GHz 64-bit PPC to deliver 11,000 MIPS

    Ultra SMP the way to go, says Big Blue

    Business 27 Sep 10:19

  • Vocalis deal brings email via the phone to the masses

    Ten ISPs sign up to bring 650,000 users on board

    Business 27 Sep 10:22

  • MSN swims against the tide with price rise

    Cost of Net access in the US goes up by $2

    Business 27 Sep 10:38

  • 32-way WildFire Alpha servers poised for rollout

    Somewhat late, the high-end Unix server blitz begins...

    Business 27 Sep 10:46

  • Intel comes clean over i820 delay

    But launches two new PIIs, i810E chipset...

    Business 27 Sep 10:55

  • IBM to build crypto-on-a-chip into all its PCs

    Wants to create an "industry standard", but rivals will have to wait for it

    Business 27 Sep 11:09

  • BT blasted over ADSL pricing

    UUNET alleges tariff will stunt market growth

    Business 27 Sep 11:15

  • Flash, bang, wallop -– what a memory shortage

    Handhelds hit by chips drought

    Business 27 Sep 11:57

  • Freeserve hops on board the free calls bandwagon

    Limited toll-free access plan revealed

    Business 27 Sep 12:08

  • Cost of UK Net access drops by 75 per cent

    AOL unveils flat rate off-peak call charges

    Business 27 Sep 12:11

  • SDMI juggles to quash copy protection confusion

    Sop to music industry could delay compliant players past Xmas

    Business 27 Sep 12:12

  • City goes to work on a £3bn Egg

    Goldman Sachs to advise on IPO

    Business 27 Sep 12:52

  • Taiwan chip makers scramble for spare parts

    No tubes, no chips

    Business 27 Sep 13:17

  • Official: Microsoft doesn't know which Millennium it is

    Y2K disaster here we come, apparently...

    Business 27 Sep 15:10

  • Apple preps standard, special edition iMacs

    Next gen. consumer machine to be tailored for retail and other markets

    Business 27 Sep 15:30

  • Bill Gates is more important than the Pope

    This and more plain daft 'facts' have been uncovered by a top UK paper

    Business 27 Sep 16:10

  • UK system builder in a right Mesh over i820 delay

    New PC range announced today -- upgrade postponed today as well

    Business 27 Sep 16:13

  • Acer follows TSMC's lead with quake fund donation

    Cash for earthquake victims grows

    Business 27 Sep 16:17

  • Unfinished monkey business

    Online zoo gets up and running

    Business 27 Sep 16:19