24th September 1999 Archive

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  • Intel chips away at networking

    OEM for the IP World

    Business 24 Sep 07:26

  • MS spins off Expedia – what do you want to IPO today?

    The first of several?

    Business 24 Sep 08:58

  • String him up! Market applauds Ballmer stock intervention

    MS prez merrily describes tech stocks as overvalued

    Business 24 Sep 09:59

  • Torvalds sees Windows decline, rise of Linux appliance

    And software prices will crash, within three years

    Business 24 Sep 09:59

  • LinuxOne to IPO – but with what, exactly?

    Linux distributor appears to have no software, no basis for investment

    Business 24 Sep 10:00

  • Spammers sued by Microsoft

    Three US companies in the dock over pirate software scam

    Business 24 Sep 11:09

  • Dope dealers drive eBay potty

    The grass isn't always greener…

    Business 24 Sep 15:20

  • Shareholders say ‘yes’ to S3, Diamond merger

    Company splits into separate business units -- primed for sell-off?

    Business 24 Sep 15:26

  • DRAM prices go through roof

    128Mb DIMMS now selling for £200

    Business 24 Sep 15:29

  • Ecommerce minister caught sitting on fence – shock

    Net access prices must come down, but the gov't won't lift a finger to help

    Business 24 Sep 15:36

  • Novell unleashes NDS for everyone via free email system

    Give it away and we can out-directory MS, thinks Schmidt

    Business 24 Sep 15:42

  • i820 derailed as Intel goes Rambust

    Third memory slot problems leads to indefinite delay

    Business 24 Sep 16:28

  • It's Time to give away software

    UK system builder hands out £35m freebies to schools

    Business 24 Sep 16:53

  • Graphics cards, Intel chipsets hit badly in quake aftershock

    Component shortages could peak in November

    Business 24 Sep 17:09