23rd September 1999 Archive

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  • Compaq pulls plugs on IA-64 Tru64, aims Alpha at high end

    Leaving the company with a coherent Alpha-Unix pitch, at last

    Business 23 09:01

  • eMachines' iMac-alike to be made less like iMac

    eOne to be redesigned admits Japanese distributor

    Business 23 10:16

  • The channel – it's all breasts, gay men and dodgy ads

    Advertising watchdog kept busy by IT marketing campaigns

    Business 23 10:27

  • Christmas online shopping bonanza predicted

    Modems roasting on an open fire, encryption nipping at your nose...

    Business 23 10:42

  • Y2k fix email contains its own bug

    Virus hidden in message that claims to come from MS

    Business 23 11:22

  • Sony to unveil digital music Walkman today

    Announcement comes day after second-generation Rio is launched in time for Xmas

    Business 23 11:22

  • MS Win2k training switch telegraphs early death for NT

    MS-certified pros see qualifications vaped by December 2000

    Business 23 11:53

  • Red Hat Q2 revenue up 95 per cent

    Loss deepens, though...

    Business 23 11:55

  • IT sector puts pressure on Taiwan gov to get power supplies back

    Industry narrowly avoids having to wait weeks to get electricity reconnected

    Business 23 12:12

  • Amazon to sell digital music

    Surprise, surprise -- we said so three months ago

    Business 23 12:19

  • Health sector ISP attacked by hospital staff

    Private service at odds with NHS' existing network

    Business 23 12:43

  • Profit falls at Northamber, but at least it made one

    Tough market conditions take toll on normally bullet-proof distie

    Business 23 12:44

  • Lysander goes skinny dipping

    Joins thin-client reseller elite squad for NCD

    Business 23 14:41

  • Via poised to ship 500MHz+ Socket 370 Cyrix chip

    The Cyrix roadmap revives from cryogenia...

    Business 23 15:09

  • Torvalds says Transmeta to announce at Comdex – maybe

    But if I tell you I'll have to get a marketing budget together...

    Business 23 15:40

  • Apple deflates stock price

    Were recent profit warnings designed to end financial expectations? Apple can't deliver?

    Business 23 16:07

  • Is Taiwan weak link in global chip chain?

    Powering up for the weekend, writes Simon Burns from Taipei

    Business 23 18:00