22nd September 1999 Archive

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  • Consumer heavyweights race to build UK women's portal

    Only women read

    Business 22 06:59

  • Paranoid Pentagon plans for possible Y2K sneak attack

    Watch out for countries with old, computer-free tanks...

    Business 22 08:41

  • DoJ stiffs Gates one last time as trial closes

    And everybody says what everybody's said already...

    Business 22 08:46

  • School's out for Viglen as results show healthy growth

    Sales up, profit up, education still very key to performance

    Business 22 09:19

  • Cabletron gets equity backing from Compaq

    Two enter into networking partnership

    Business 22 09:20

  • Coppermine not sampling yet

    733MHz part now due next month

    Business 22 10:00

  • HP's Fiorina lands $90m in shares and stock options

    You're so rich, you probably think this story's about you

    Business 22 10:43

  • 3Com cost cutting pays off

    Palms up, modems down

    Business 22 11:21

  • Loot boss slams QXL IPO

    No place for Hollywood-style values, he says

    Business 22 11:34

  • Amiga CEO confirms software-only strategy

    Company's plan has "nothing" to do with original Amiga

    Business 22 12:14

  • Have we got news about you

    Want to know what you're up to? Who you gonna call

    Business 22 12:22

  • US software exports illegally subsidised, rules WTO

    And Microsoft may have been a major winner...

    Business 22 12:37

  • AMD K7 mobo supply halted by Taiwan quake

    Early successes of new chip could be severely dented by lack of boards

    Business 22 13:28

  • 3dfx slides Napalm/Voodoo4 back a quarter

    Nvidia, S3 rub hands at prospect of Napalm-free Xmas

    Business 22 14:34

  • Web regulation called for at Net's birthday party

    Not too much, not too little, but some rules are needed

    Business 22 16:35

  • Jungle.com gets yer juices flowing

    Online wine-a-rama is next stop for Bennett's latest venture

    Business 22 16:59

  • Craig Barrett presents award to overclocker – Hardocp


    Business 22 18:08

  • US Senate Y2K Committee underwhelmed by preparations

    Does the buck stop on 1/1/00?

    Business 22 19:35

  • Easynet muscles into BT ADSL trials

    BT appoints up to a dozen ISPs

    Business 22 20:39

  • Red Hat CEO lambasts ‘feudal’ software industry

    How silly's that?

    Business 22 22:08