21st September 1999 Archive

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  • AMD mobiles outsmoke Intel

    Faster, Higher, Stronger

    Business 21 00:44

  • Motorola mulls over AMD Dresden stake

    Fab news for AMD fans and - maybe - for G4 nuts

    Business 21 01:24

  • Massive quake hits Taiwan

    Update: Death toll rising as capital hit by power cuts

    Business 21 06:34

  • Datrontech to shrink further in wake of poor results

    FD quits but Mulford not ready to give up the ghost just yet

    Business 21 08:39

  • MS unveils developer kits for Digital Dashboards

    Implementation of Gates vision surprisingly on track

    Business 21 10:32

  • Seagate boxes clever with new packaging

    Super-box reduces damage in transit rates

    Business 21 10:49

  • S3 Savages Packard Bell-NEC PCs

    Latest graphics offering to feature in Spirit PCs

    Business 21 11:05

  • Freeserve shares drop below offer price

    Beginning of the end or just market jitters?

    Business 21 11:14

  • Lotus dishes out redundancy notices

    170 jobs at risk

    Business 21 11:31

  • Dane-Elec goes for gold

    Top level Intel gong awarded to manufacturer/distributor

    Business 21 12:38

  • Micron 1 decks Rambus, Micron 2 chins Taiwanese government

    Talk about kicking someone when they're down

    Business 21 12:46

  • Apple issues shock profit warning

    Motorola delays to G4 shipments hurt Mac makers sales

    Business 21 13:22

  • Pentium III 600 overclocks as standard

    Intel doesn't put its money where its mouth is

    Business 21 14:52

  • Earthquake costs Taiwan semicon industry $300m

    Nightmare for Hsinchu chip makers, writes Simon Burns from Taipei

    Business 21 15:04

  • Korean stocks soar on Taiwan disaster

    ... In every ton of rubble, a silver lining

    Business 21 15:27

  • Java-based car brings new meaning to the word automatic

    How long before you don't even need to steer the damn things

    Business 21 16:52

  • Media Y2k frenzy may trash economy – Greenspan

    It's all under control. But if nobody believes that - tick, tick, tick

    Business 21 17:52

  • Taiwan quake sees DRAM prices rise

    Panic buying likely to cause shortages in supply as industry does its best to carry on

    Business 21 18:05

  • QXL scales down IPO expectations

    We think it's worth a punt

    Business 21 18:23

  • WinLinux Linux on Windows goes into public beta

    Strewth... Dragon's teeth plague MS acquisitions department

    Business 21 18:46