20th September 1999 Archive

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  • Net Finance News: 2-8 Sept 1999


    Business 20 00:26

  • Net Finance News: 9-15 Sept 1999


    Business 20 00:29

  • Ellison slaps MS, praises Euro Net take-up

    Another day, another PR opportunity for Mr Oracle

    Business 20 06:23

  • Looking for a good time? Don't consult the Oracle

    Ellison is to comedy what Keith Richards is to temperance

    Business 20 06:25

  • Nokia, HP sign WAP agreement

    Banking online, on your mobile

    Business 20 08:42

  • HP says NT not robust enough for new L-boxes

    It's HP/UX and maybe Linux later

    Business 20 08:42

  • Daewoo faces foreign debt crisis

    But will the PC company's recent massive wins come to the rescue?

    Business 20 09:33

  • AMD suffers further Gateway blow

    Will ditch non-Intel chips

    Business 20 10:06

  • ADSL gets green light from Freeserve

    Broadband service to go live in November

    Business 20 10:23

  • Nasdaq hacked through MS security hole

    MS Internet Information Server fingered yet again

    Business 20 11:38

  • How MS can hold onto the market while embracing XML

    Stay ahead with the client, and being 'open' doesn't matter

    Business 20 11:58

  • Inside AppCenter – the march away from COM

    The three phase plan...

    Business 20 12:03

  • MS IE5 XML not entirely pure, and what's this patent?

    Just when the company's making noises about openness, this sort of stuff happens...

    Business 20 12:12

  • Inside AppCenter – Windows becomes the Internet platform

    It's a cunning variation on what MS feared Netscape might do to it

    Business 20 12:13

  • BT moves to pacify Northern Irish Net users

    Free PC bundle delayed by lack of contractors

    Business 20 12:15

  • Tempo eases off Screaming.net distribution

    Not stocking software for its own ISP until service improves

    Business 20 12:50

  • Speedy Net access on the move

    MRi claims price point breakthrough with latest kit

    Business 20 12:57

  • HP's curious NT tale gets curiouser

    Linux isn't its flavour of the month, either

    Business 20 14:00

  • Kingston upgrade kit extends life of notebooks

    Good news for notebook users, bad news for notebook resellers

    Business 20 14:03

  • Disney Web exec on kiddie porn charge

    Federal agents swoop on paedophile in undercover sting

    Business 20 14:27

  • BT pagers still not available in Welsh


    Business 20 14:41

  • Notebook prices will plunge – - but when?

    ...Sometime in 2001, when LCD famine ends

    Business 20 15:05

  • Seagate shakes dead chicken image

    Hey little hen, when, when, when?

    Business 20 15:06

  • BT curries SME favour with HP sauce

    Big names hope to lure small businesses online

    Business 20 15:15

  • MS France in shock Linux availability claim

    OEMs don't have to ship Windows, customers can buy Linux instead, beam me up...

    Business 20 15:29

  • Overclocking – just say yes/no/maybe

    Our readers write…

    Business 20 15:30

  • Gates' maths fails – can't count his millions

    He's obviously confusing TPM with stock prices

    Business 20 15:35

  • MetaStor pushes open SAN channel scheme

    Looking to sign up additional resellers

    Business 20 15:36

  • Software developed to tell if you're lying

    If your cheeks don't twitch when you smile, no one will believe you

    Business 20 15:44

  • MS snared for bankrolling pro-MS ads

    Academic supporters claim ignorance of source of funding

    Business 20 15:44

  • Paul Allen cleared in sex harassment case

    Judge kicks out claim by former business associate

    Business 20 15:53

  • Crackers get £1m ransom from banks

    Bankers get spanked by latest e-crime trend

    Business 20 16:27

  • Intel takes on Olicom R&D team

    The Danish fire sale continues

    Business 20 18:03

  • MS Softway purchase – could it unleash ‘Linux for Windows’

    Microsoft may be starting to buy the components of its Linux defence strategy

    Business 20 19:07

  • How much of Tandem's IP does Compaq own?

    Doubts grow over crown jewels

    Business 20 23:53