19th September 1999 Archive

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  • Wicked IBM execs bayonet ailing OS/2

    Register in shock objectivity failure...

    Business 19 15:59

  • Merced Tru64 next on Compaq's death list?

    Most definitely, we reckon. And not just because it quacks like a D-UX...

    Business 19 16:51

  • 800MHz Athlon games systems to launch next month

    With SCSI RAID on-board, would you believe...

    Business 19 17:16

  • Taiwan slaps punishment levies on DRAM firms

    Prices not expected to rise

    Business 19 22:22

  • Astrology site lifts one-to-one Web porn techniques

    Are you sitting comfortably, dear?

    Business 19 23:19