17th September 1999 Archive

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  • Britain to host major Net summit

    Net responsible for international co-operation

    Business 17 08:33

  • Sun, NTT to intro Java mobile games phone

    Service goes live in Japan by December

    Business 17 09:03

  • Who will pay extra $200 for i820-Rambus PCs?

    Acid test for Rambus to come soon

    Business 17 09:06

  • Slot 1 close to death as Intel's plans for CuMine unfold

    Flip chip S370 and different naming designations revealed

    Business 17 09:19

  • Today's hardware site roundup

    The wibby and wobbly web gives up its secrets

    Business 17 10:07

  • Dealer sells 1000s of overclocked Celerons – with guarantees

    Sherriff's story smokes out the clockomaniacs

    Business 17 10:16

  • White House cypher proposal could upstage Congress

    Clinton finally decrypts the writing on the wall

    Business 17 10:41

  • Acer talks up XC again

    It's next year now

    Business 17 11:20

  • Lexmark to source lasers from Taiwan

    But we don't know the manufacturer yet

    Business 17 11:27

  • France opens probe into MS Windows monopoly

    Wonders why you can't buy PCs without Windows. Now, there's a question...

    Business 17 11:37

  • Flotation ahoy for Lastminute.com

    £400m value expected

    Business 17 12:19

  • Parents keep an eye on kids via Web

    School installs Webcam in infant school

    Business 17 12:23

  • MS should embrace Linux, buy Sun, dump Win2k

    But actually, this Linux outfit's blatant bid for publicity isn't as barmy as it sounds

    Business 17 12:34

  • Digital TV – broadcasting with one hand tied behind its back

    Puny transmitters shove pictures of digital cliff

    Business 17 14:59

  • Matsushita to spend $300 million on LCD ramp up

    High demand prompts swift reaction

    Business 17 15:19

  • AMD takeover rumours re-emerge

    But we don't think it's a goer

    Business 17 15:34

  • IBM, SCO confirm Monterey Merced boot

    Another brick in the silicon wall

    Business 17 15:52

  • Transmeta CEO scoffs at Amiga connection claims

    Claims that Amiga was to use Transmeta CPU are "off beat", claims Ditzel

    Business 17 16:04

  • IT big hitters to out-eBay eBay

    Combined mini-auction sites ready to roll

    Business 17 16:32