16th September 1999 Archive

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  • Steep memory hike unlikely to affect retail PC prices

    Profit margins too small to absorb increase

    Business 16 07:38

  • Athlon price cuts confirmed for 4 October

    Battle between Intel-AMD set to get rougher, tougher

    Business 16 08:00

  • Intel's Vancouver, Cape Cod mobos to cost around $130 each

    You can buy 'em with or without Creative Labs stuff

    Business 16 08:22

  • Intel gets heavy over Intel name, sues firm

    Intel short for intelligence, Intel short on intelligence

    Business 16 08:37

  • Today's Hardware Site Roundup

    We take a brief tour round the wibbly wobbly Web

    Business 16 09:18

  • Via completes IDT x86 deal as fresh legal action looms

    Chipzilla not a happy gorilla

    Business 16 09:44

  • Lav me tender, lav me true

    We reveal the ultimate geek gadget

    Business 16 10:51

  • Overclocking – just say no

    The physics don't work

    Business 16 10:52

  • Carry your DNA on a smartcard

    Brave New World just around the corner

    Business 16 10:54

  • UK investors flock to online trading

    E Trade UK sees trading figures sky-rocket

    Business 16 11:22

  • Student not guilty of copyright theft over links to MP3s

    But linking to pirated files could still count as aiding and abetting, says court

    Business 16 11:27

  • White knuckle SDRAM ride gets scarier

    Trading grinds to halt as typhoon hits HK

    Business 16 11:29

  • Falling sales hit Psion's results

    It'll be better in H2 - but will it really?

    Business 16 11:34

  • Palm preps upgraded Palm V

    Palm Vx expands organiser's memory to match much cheaper Handspring Visor

    Business 16 11:48

  • Microsoft is Judas – unofficial

    Christian group gives MS key role in modern day Last Supper

    Business 16 11:50

  • New IT stock listing ignores AIM

    Big names and not-so-big names will make up the 170 runners and riders

    Business 16 12:01

  • Yellow Dog Linux supports G4 PowerPC

    AltiVec optimisation in progress

    Business 16 12:11

  • ESS wins Diamond sound deal

    Up to six speakers attached to PC

    Business 16 12:24

  • AT&T-BT wireless merger to spawn new heavyweight?

    Together the companies could spark TDMA-GSM convergence

    Business 16 12:35

  • 3dfx to take on S3 texture comp. in open source move

    FXT1 better than S3TC, company claims -- and it's available to all, not just Windows guys

    Business 16 12:44

  • Sony delays PlayStation 2 so kids can still sit tests

    March release neatly avoids January, February exams

    Business 16 13:17

  • US surfers want free ISP access

    Survey from Alta Vista proves Alta Vista to be on right track

    Business 16 15:28

  • UK police to target online pervs

    Initiative follows the lead of the FBI

    Business 16 15:37

  • Ellison spills over beenz

    Splashes out with own cash to back Net currency

    Business 16 16:11

  • US Embassy backs Comdex with spam-fest

    What follows is a lovely explanation of when a spam isn't really a spam at all

    Business 16 16:14

  • US to free 128-bit crypto for export

    Announcement due later today

    Business 16 16:32

  • West ready to bail out Y2K-hit third world

    Loans will be made available -– but you gotta repay 'em

    Business 16 16:42