15th September 1999 Archive

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  • Business-incubator.com – VC without the venture or the capital

    Oracle, Sun, Cisco and Exodus(who they?)back new service

    Business 15 06:25

  • Serial killer sells paintings on eBay

    But can he keep the money?

    Business 15 06:33

  • Netscape Online mouse has ceased to be


    Business 15 07:43

  • Ilion accepts Landis cash offer

    Well that wasn't so hostile, was it?

    Business 15 08:01

  • Hardware site roundup

    A snapshot of some of the sights on the sites

    Business 15 08:21

  • Tekram a go-go with 810e mobo

    Supports up to 733MHz

    Business 15 09:08

  • AMD to cut Athlon price in October?

    It's a neither confirm nor deny situation

    Business 15 09:45

  • MS pulls scalability feature from Win2k RC2

    Finds another vast security hole, and concretes it over

    Business 15 10:08

  • Sun boss abuses MS, claims 250k downloads for StarOffice

    Win2k will be greater disater than Y2k, claims McNealy

    Business 15 10:16

  • Philips to shift entire LCD monitor biz to Taiwan

    ...while supplies are not as tight as thought

    Business 15 10:34

  • Yahoo's Koogle – is he Mr Wiggy


    Business 15 10:56

  • Jobs blow at Seagate

    Ten per cent of workforce to go

    Business 15 11:08

  • NetBenefit breaks into the black

    Plans for full listing are under way

    Business 15 11:10

  • Hamburgers try to TM Linux

    Application filed with German patent office -- three months to object

    Business 15 12:01

  • Reuters to launch 24/7 retail Net op

    Wades into retail swamp

    Business 15 12:13

  • 08004u plagued by yet more woes

    Users get redirected to other sites

    Business 15 12:18

  • The Internet changes nothing – Yahoo!

    Claims business plan hasn't changed since 1995

    Business 15 12:24

  • Amiga boss charts software-only course

    Amiga Inc. pulls out of hardware, steps further away from Amiga community

    Business 15 12:25

  • Microsoft ‘changes the world through software’

    Vergnes trots out the one-liners at IDC

    Business 15 12:47

  • DRAM prices rocket on spot market

    Fifteen dollars a pop? You must be joking

    Business 15 12:57

  • SGI doubles job-loss total

    3000 jobs to be lost, but only takes a hit on 1500

    Business 15 12:58

  • Micron, Infineon to win big with Fujitsu

    Big time DRAM supply contracts in the offing

    Business 15 13:01

  • Giant mouse to save kids from online pervs

    Disney reworks the three little pigs

    Business 15 13:10

  • MS tentacles extend to Visio

    Money Nib: $1.3 billion stock deal

    Business 15 13:53

  • Punters want speech-driving PCs

    But Florida hurricane disrupts ViaVoice demo (only a little)

    Business 15 14:27

  • Red Hat signs up C2000

    Channel Nib: First UK distie

    Business 15 14:51

  • BT keeps mum about ADSL pricing

    But we know so make sure you're sat down when you read this

    Business 15 15:10

  • DRAM killer ships.. in five years

    Set to beat up on hard drives, too

    Business 15 15:10

  • HP crows as Xerox loses War of the Printheads

    My patents are bigger than yours

    Business 15 15:21

  • Red Hat Linux certified for ThinkPad – but only sort of

    All of the things that didn't exactly work before certification still don't exactly work

    Business 15 16:25

  • Hate speech: US legislature gets down, dirty and confused

    Please, for the sake of the children...

    Business 15 16:39

  • UK's Orange cares hardly a whit for Orang Utangs

    Despite massive adverts saying contrariwise...

    Business 15 20:11