14th September 1999 Archive

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  • Landis prepares to go hostile on ilion

    'Considering its position'

    Business 14 07:00

  • Phone Phreaker faces prison

    Leicestershire Lad clocks up £45K bill

    Business 14 09:27

  • Via's chip roadmap takes shape

    Will use Cyrix name for Centaur parts

    Business 14 10:00

  • Camino review pops up on Web

    BX chipset beats i820 "senseless"

    Business 14 10:20

  • Compel declares record profits

    Gearing down, cash flow up

    Business 14 11:03

  • ATI slumps on Compaq loss

    Supply problems, dear?

    Business 14 11:22

  • Phoenix pledges to lift Amiga from ashes

    Platform's users, developers combine to take control of Amiga's future

    Business 14 11:29

  • Johnny Foreigner Y2K laggards named and shamed

    Whatever you do, folks, don't go to the Ukraine

    Business 14 11:41

  • China warns West over Net interference

    Outside investors not welcome and will be stamped out

    Business 14 12:02

  • Handspring unveils long-awaited Palm clone

    Visor offers consumer focus, clever customisation system

    Business 14 12:10

  • Aureal retails into Creative territory

    Gloves are off

    Business 14 12:15

  • Yahoo, L&H sign translation deal

    Meanwhile, Lernout & Hauspie continue buying spree

    Business 14 12:16

  • Have Bluetooth buddies pulled a flanker on Intel?

    All-new 54Mbit/s system with global, seamless roaming makes Bluetooth 'cable replacement' after all

    Business 14 12:19

  • HP UK squeezes Sun in workstation market

    Dataquest says HP on top

    Business 14 12:23

  • E-envoy's home page has skeleton in closet

    Well, it's actually a collection of Grateful Dead songs

    Business 14 12:25

  • LinuxPPC releases Q3 upgrade

    Improves Power Mac, iMac, PowerBook support

    Business 14 12:27

  • Linux could pip other OSes to Merced post

    Win64, others, lagging behind in Desperation Derby

    Business 14 12:43

  • Intel, UUnet team up in channel program

    Big $$$ for dealers

    Business 14 12:51

  • Pentium II dead as dodo as famine strikes Intel chip parts

    But really they're shuffling off their mortal coils

    Business 14 13:02

  • AMD ships Athlon 700s in volume

    And thick monthly book does it again

    Business 14 13:23

  • 0800 (weekend only), PC supplied – how much?

    Fujitsu teams up with BT for Net bundle

    Business 14 13:41

  • 08004u back in public view

    Traffic brought site to its knees

    Business 14 14:19

  • JDE to announce new version of OneWorld

    ERP, is this enough? - Ed.

    Business 14 14:39

  • Jet-setting keynoting CEOs are crap

    Exclusive RegPoll reveals...

    Business 14 14:44

  • Auction Site Pulls Prostitute Listing

    What does this mean?

    Business 14 14:55

  • Good news, and bad for Scottish Natsemi fab

    First the good news...

    Business 14 16:30

  • Intel, PC giants announce network security plans

    IPSec method to prevent crime inside firewall

    Business 14 17:46