13th September 1999 Archive

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  • DoJ document details how MS harmed consumers

    Helps deal with gap in government's case

    Business 13 07:56

  • Gates' claimed ignorance of Netscape ‘bizarre’ – DoJ

    Trial pattern continues as rival refutations filed

    Business 13 07:59

  • MS makes last minute bid to suppress Compaq evidence

    Threatening Big Q over Netscape icons not evidence really shock

    Business 13 08:02

  • European Internet users to pass US by 2003 – IDC

    Outfit predicts 500 million users by then

    Business 13 10:21

  • Intel confirms PIII/Celeron price cuts

    Preparation for Coppermine continues

    Business 13 10:42

  • Trade body says no to ebiz legislation

    Industry heavyweights set out self-regulation stall

    Business 13 11:03

  • Blair appoints e-envoy

    Pom from down under says 'G'day'

    Business 13 12:06

  • 3Com set to IPO Palm

    Building leadership positions

    Business 13 13:07

  • Citrix ports to Unix, Linux, aims at telecoms, devices

    Nobody will say it flat-out, but MS-free version of Citrix is looming

    Business 13 13:08

  • Big Blue outlines copper, RS, Monterey futures

    Talks big boxes, little boxes, Magic Boxes, Tragic Boxes

    Business 13 13:32

  • Sony puts PlayStation 2 at heart of Net strategy

    Console provides missing link between IT and home entertainment

    Business 13 13:44

  • Computer Resale builds nationwide second user PC chain

    Twenty-six franchises signed up

    Business 13 13:53

  • US army dumps NT for MacOS, us.gov going open source?

    Hacked Army Home page switches to 'more secure platform'

    Business 13 14:03

  • PlayStation 2 ship date slides three months

    Japanese shipments will begin in March 2000 not December 1999 after all

    Business 13 14:03

  • Ford Motor loses suit against Webmaster

    David survives encounter with Goliath

    Business 13 14:04

  • Cadence to appeal Avant court digest…

    ...but internal memo reveals Cadence anger

    Business 13 14:09

  • Taiwan traders vote ALi IPO a winner

    Acer sub to buy more IP but forget CPUs

    Business 13 14:13

  • UK cash draining to US because of high Internet costs

    And UK Unix programmers feel the pinch

    Business 13 14:30

  • No Pentium IV re-name on way – Intel

    Company denies Coppermine to get cosmetic makeover

    Business 13 14:40

  • Student sued for site's links to MP3 files

    Linking to dodgy MP3 files is as bad as making them in the first place, claims IFPI

    Business 13 14:45

  • NEC ramps up flat panel output

    Switches production at Japanese factory

    Business 13 15:18

  • The Blair Net Project

    Enough hot air to stage a round the world balloon flight

    Business 13 15:20

  • 08004u – where's it gone?

    Last week's bravehearts have become this week's brokenhearts as service vanishes

    Business 13 15:21

  • Sub-$1 PCs? MIT chief speaks, but do we believe?

    Negroponte holds forth on this, i-laundry and Web use inflation

    Business 13 15:26

  • Dell chief lays down rules for ‘Internet revolutionaries’

    Millions snooze...

    Business 13 15:39

  • Diamond opens Vipers' nest of boards

    Features S3 Savage 2000+ chip

    Business 13 17:16

  • Nokia unveils Linux broadband wireless Web system

    And the killer is that it sounds like it could work, and is shippable RSN...

    Business 13 18:45