8th September 1999 Archive

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  • Beeb.com in X-Stream content deal

    but will Auntie need to wear a flak jacket?

    Business 08 06:14

  • Register down time: we're so sorry

    BT Lamebrains not to blame... for once

    Business 08 06:35

  • Concentric buys ITG for £146 million

    Murray hives off non-core interests into new company

    Business 08 07:30

  • Acer Labs to IPO next week

    Shares to list at US$2.14

    Business 08 07:38

  • Merced: the Linux track

    Trillian talk at Palm Springs

    Business 08 09:09

  • Intel says only small number of notebook chips duff

    Supplier has now fixed the problem

    Business 08 10:39

  • BT Lame Brain spills 0800 beans

    Didn't they tell you not to read documents on the train?

    Business 08 10:57

  • Apple to back-track on ‘anti upgrade’ policy?

    Apple spin docs go into overdrive to counter negative user reaction

    Business 08 11:10

  • Separated at Birth

    Intel bong blagged?

    Business 08 11:20

  • Flat panel market soars

    Price hikes, shipment surge

    Business 08 11:43

  • Merced Tracks: Compaq's views on legacy

    The Big Q outlines its thoughts

    Business 08 11:51

  • Analysts rain on PlayStation II parade…

    ...the day before its chief rival's US launch. Ahem

    Business 08 11:55

  • Intel 533B and 600B parts the reason for 12 September price cuts

    Intel cuts desktop prices in preparation for 27th release date

    Business 08 12:01

  • BX shortage to last until year end

    Meanwhile, Intel ups the 810 ante

    Business 08 12:15

  • Intel still stuck on the FireWire fence

    It's in the 1394 patent pool so why doesn't it just back the technology?

    Business 08 12:23

  • Merced: what meaneth the Extensible Firmware Interface?

    Or how to boot your IA-64 chip into shape

    Business 08 12:29

  • Athlon Powers hasn't got his mobo working

    First MicroStar, then Asus...but better news to come

    Business 08 12:45

  • Cadence does Intel on .18µ, .15µ pricing

    Slash and burn as Synopsis does opposite

    Business 08 12:57

  • PC builders slap on DRAM surcharges

    Get on the phone and order now

    Business 08 13:52

  • Intel just won't let go of this networking equipment thing

    As much chance of rattling Cisco as finding Elvis on the Moon

    Business 08 14:08

  • Scottish Crackers declare war on Wales

    Sorry tale of sheep rustling and revenge on Scottish government web site

    Business 08 14:33

  • Compaq signs Novell for Tru64 NDS port

    Plan should keep corporates' eyes off Big Q's Linux moves

    Business 08 14:34

  • PC builders remain significant force in America

    Ten, twenty, thirty, forty thousand or more

    Business 08 14:34

  • Dixons showers shareholders with special dividend

    Booming PC, mobile phone and wide-screen TV sales

    Business 08 14:44

  • Maxtor tops up Diamond Max Line

    Just in time for Christmas sales stampede

    Business 08 15:02

  • Compaq tries Alpha NT trade in plan

    Old lamps for new

    Business 08 15:05

  • Sun shines spotlight on Ray thin client

    Jesus wants me for a Sun-beam...

    Business 08 15:11

  • Nortel/Norweb pulls plug on Internet over electricity scheme

    Nothing wrong with the technology, everything wrong with the market

    Business 08 15:40

  • Merced: How do you boot Linux fast on a Merced?

    Here is Mindy's answer...

    Business 08 15:45

  • Stead walks the plank following Ingram profit warning

    But he's only jumping when new CEO is found, and he still gets to be chairman of distie which tried to raise its prices. Incredible isn't it, one rule for fat cats and another...

    Business 08 15:47

  • Argos BT's badly, ups price of Sony TV to £3,299.99

    Oops...Argos maybe better revisit things...

    Business 08 15:50

  • Microsoft set to unleash Java-killer Cool

    COM/C++ programming framework no longer an internal project, apparently

    Business 08 16:10

  • Citrix tilts away from MS, towards Solaris, Linux

    Browser-based application access, and multi-OS Citrix server farms behind them - go figure

    Business 08 18:44

  • Browser apps will dent Windows' market share – IBM exec

    Keep the browser, but get rid of the OS? Integration bites back, mayhap...

    Business 08 20:46

  • Several i820 mobos up Intel sleeves…

    Cape Cod, Vancouver ready to ship, more problems found in 810, Fairbanks on way

    Business 08 23:03