7th September 1999 Archive

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  • Psion teams up with LineOne for Net assault

    Aims to build handheld community site

    Business 07 06:23

  • AOL says boo to a few gooses


    Business 07 06:52

  • Britain launches CrapJobsRUS.Com

    Government aims to turn shirkers into (clerical) workers

    Business 07 11:00

  • Sick porn baron escapes jail

    How can they tell?

    Business 07 11:03

  • Apple iMac II set for Paris debut

    Supports wireless strategy

    Business 07 11:53

  • Mitsubishi to develop portable Net access device OS

    Lines up against WinCE,PalmOS and Symbian

    Business 07 12:30

  • AOL UK erects sight screen for kids' site

    Wins plaudits from ChildLine

    Business 07 12:59

  • BT promotes home wireless revolution

    Lame Brains spot trend shock horror, but how long before they mess up. We give them a week...

    Business 07 13:01

  • You can't get smuttier than a Kwik-Fit Fitter

    Rude emailers sue for wrongful dismissal

    Business 07 13:05

  • Hyundai Semicon to take Arm, Java route

    Invests W20 billion in technology

    Business 07 13:06

  • Old people trash young at gaming says Intel

    Helps with the concentration, dear

    Business 07 13:16

  • Sony, Sega turn nose up at cheap copy protection

    Calls go unanswered, no-one wants to know

    Business 07 13:29

  • Memory Life's a Roller Coaster!

    After the flood, the famine

    Business 07 13:43

  • Intel's Barrett found on Pouffe

    Where's the picture of him on his hoss?

    Business 07 14:23

  • Acer turns to Compaq for sales director

    Gunning for notebook market

    Business 07 15:17

  • eBay babies put up for sale

    Hoaxers, surely?

    Business 07 15:24

  • Argos welshes on three quid TV Net ‘offer’

    Transmission error to blame for bargain of the decade

    Business 07 15:27

  • Harrods looks overseas for online custom

    Opens next week

    Business 07 15:46

  • BT declares war against The Register

    Lame Brains unleash Operation Overdog against plucky independent web site

    Business 07 20:23

  • Net Finance News: 29 Aug- 1 Sept 1999


    Business 07 21:30