3rd September 1999 Archive

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  • Intergraph quits PCs, says Intel brought it to its knees

    Exits PC and server business, lays off 400

    Business 03 00:16

  • MS e-village people head for Brighton

    Great Stan of Being Hacked to lecture on security at Internet Business Show

    Business 03 07:45

  • US anti-smut bill may go too far

    Save the children... again

    Business 03 07:48

  • TMing Linux – Red Hat CEO attacks ‘cheap knock-offs’

    Young explains policy - but there's a slippery slope in there...

    Business 03 08:54

  • Win2k – RC2 delayed, ship date next year looks likelier

    Will RTM make it in time for Comdex? Great, a nail-biter...

    Business 03 08:56

  • Y2K bug meets match in service sector

    Two services giants make upbeat statements regarding date change slow down

    Business 03 11:01

  • Tax dodge investigators hit Samsung

    Chaebols wobble, but will they fall down?

    Business 03 11:02

  • Net uptake in schools fuels market growth

    Education offers lifeline to many in UK channel

    Business 03 11:36

  • Net-via-satellite tested with video transfer

    Big Blue embarks on trial to gauge robustness of system

    Business 03 12:00

  • Microsoft on Trial: October 98


    Business 03 12:35

  • Microsoft on Trial: November 98


    Business 03 12:44

  • Is BT tight-fisted or what?

    Flat-rate pricing nothing to get excited about

    Business 03 12:52

  • Microsoft on Trial: December 1998


    Business 03 12:52

  • Microsoft on Trial: January 99


    Business 03 12:58

  • Koreans struggle with cheap PC bid

    TriGem, others reckon they can't meet the price point

    Business 03 13:01

  • Deverill snapped up as VC builds services conglomerate

    CTG adds £15m to its bottom line as it aims for £40m target

    Business 03 13:47

  • DRAM price hikes to propel Samsung profit past $2bn

    Every $1 DRAM price rise equals $300m profit

    Business 03 14:12

  • Apple G4 upgrade block confirmed

    We never promised users an upgrade path, says company operative

    Business 03 14:24

  • OS-9 developer sues Apple over MacOS 9

    Apple nicking our trademark, Microware alleges

    Business 03 14:45

  • Zoo site hacked to bits by animal crackers

    Cheeky monkeys resort to guerrilla tactics

    Business 03 14:46

  • Man tries to sell vital organ on eBay

    Stake in kidney try leaves sour taste

    Business 03 15:26

  • Thursday virus set to touch down in December

    Significance of trigger date eludes industry

    Business 03 15:37

  • Apple stock hits eight-year all-time high

    Trading peaks at best price since 1991 ever

    Business 03 20:30