2nd September 1999 Archive

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  • Intel move to PC-133 mere lip service

    i820 won't have it, while special chipset won't have Rambus

    Business 02 00:46

  • Olivetti Computers Worldwide shuts down

    Six months after MBO, it's game over

    Business 02 06:53

  • Slivka latest MS exec to join exodus

    He's one of the bright ones, too. Can't afford to lose too many of them...

    Business 02 08:07

  • Silver surfers ride the wave of e-commerce

    They're oldies but goldies

    Business 02 10:02

  • Deutsche Bank, Nokia offer WAP banking

    German customers to get first bite of online banking trial

    Business 02 11:20

  • BBC free ISP blasted for stifling market development

    Industry body cries foul over use of public money for Net service

    Business 02 11:26

  • Sun poised to ship 64-bit Solaris for Merced

    At least six months ahead of Win64 first beta. Oh dear...

    Business 02 12:26

  • Nokia launches mobile phone for the deaf

    Portable Talk-Type system developed with help of RNID

    Business 02 13:07

  • Big Blue backs out of networking via Cisco deal

    Agreement worth billions of dollars to both companies

    Business 02 13:08

  • IBM guns for Intel with comms chip strategy

    Both companies' approaches remarkably similar

    Business 02 13:14

  • UK e-commerce envoy coming RSN

    Secret squirrel announcement due in two weeks' time

    Business 02 13:15

  • Iridium CFO bails out

    Management turns to turnaround agency for help

    Business 02 13:54

  • Jewish Web site values teen entrepreneur at millions

    Site is less than a year old, but has already turned into a gold mine

    Business 02 14:09

  • Microsoft says life's simple

    It's very simple, it's complicated

    Business 02 15:51

  • Fear and loathing as TM card played for Red Hat Linux

    It's a logical and justifiable move, but it's still really dumb...

    Business 02 16:13

  • Four way Merced: the pix

    It's a great big lumbering beast

    Business 02 16:36

  • Y2K bug eats into South African economy

    Damning report claims 80 per cent of country's transportation could fail

    Business 02 17:00

  • Cyber bullies told to goof off

    Lilly Corp alleges silly site is cyber squatting

    Business 02 17:01

  • Hunt for biodegradable PCB begins

    Calls for greener PCs prompt search for new materials

    Business 02 17:01

  • Free calls announced by BT

    You save £1.80 per quarter - you pay £1 per quarter for the privilege

    Business 02 17:02

  • Dell's Bell admits company overclocks chips

    But all in the cause of science, of course

    Business 02 17:03

  • Compaq has copper Alphas working

    IBM fabbed parts would run NT scorchingly

    Business 02 17:34

  • Alpha NT: More disappointed two per cent speak up

    "Compaq has a moral, if not legal obligation to support users"

    Business 02 17:43

  • Rambus shares rocked by Intel shock

    But now may be a good time to buy...

    Business 02 19:00

  • How Intel raced flat out to demo Merced

    Two weeks ago it booted at 700MHz

    Business 02 23:46