1st September 1999 Archive

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  • Apple unwraps ‘desktop supercomputer’

    Steve Jobs unveils Power Mac G4

    Business 01 06:00

  • Apple's G4 – the real Windows challenger?

    Microsoft's $150m investment in Apple may have done it more harm than good

    Business 01 06:05

  • ASA awards brickbats to IT firms

    'Nasty concoction'

    Business 01 06:29

  • Is MS lobbying Compaq for more Merced Win64 help?

    Jim Allchin begs for DECWest, allegedly...

    Business 01 07:04

  • Whoops – Dell suggests Win2k ship date slips into next year

    Free upgrade programme doesn't start until February...

    Business 01 07:46

  • Witch casts spell on Vodafone

    Izzy wizzy, let's get busy

    Business 01 10:06

  • Responsibility for Net security rests with users

    Hotmail hole reveals need for encryption, says Demon

    Business 01 11:24

  • Apple's Power Mac G4: a tale of two boxes

    Wait for the way better, 450MHz and up G4s, due next month

    Business 01 11:25

  • VAT man caught in Web of e-commerce tax dodges

    Industry leaders warn government is missing out on millions

    Business 01 11:38

  • Carrera pumps up Athlon to 800MHz

    Super-charged, super-cooled and damn quick too

    Business 01 11:40

  • LocalTel MD blasts BT

    Embattled telco's troubles caused by giant's blunder

    Business 01 12:05

  • Unisys demands $5k licence fee for use of GIFs

    From practically everybody, apparently...

    Business 01 12:33

  • Compel rings the changes with new division

    Merges all consultancy businesses into one and changes names aplenty

    Business 01 12:34

  • BTCellnet/Barclaycard caught out by customer demand

    Mobile phone promo leaves many users cut off

    Business 01 12:35

  • Online insult mars Freenetnames launch

    Users trying to register are greeted with bizarre message

    Business 01 12:41

  • Nvidia Sucks big time in domain registration blizzard

    Get your retaliation in first

    Business 01 13:22

  • Intel claims IA64 will outperform Risc offerings

    But how will Chipzilla achieve volume sales of Merced?

    Business 01 13:37

  • Dead Dell deal costs ATI dearly

    Loses contract to supply graphics cards to desktops

    Business 01 15:09

  • Yeeh Hah! Register promised Barrett-on-horse-pic

    Craig has 20 log cabins in the country

    Business 01 15:25

  • Intel branches into drink business

    It's already in the hotel biz, of course...

    Business 01 15:29

  • Intel applies more pressure on Alpha as IA64 ramps

    Why use anything other than Intel architecture (such as Alpha?)

    Business 01 15:35

  • Fight breaks out between rival telcos

    Allegations of copyright infringement hotly disputed

    Business 01 15:36

  • DIY networking hits the high street

    Tempo signs to distribute Mr Network

    Business 01 15:41

  • New multimedia cards are Absolutely Outrageous

    Developer bases new offerings on Aureal and nVidia technology

    Business 01 15:51

  • Intel acquires another firm as IXA mycelium spreads

    Makes fresh acquisition -- updated

    Business 01 16:00

  • Free ISP carrier makes a profit

    This is not a wind up -- honest

    Business 01 16:01

  • 3dfx, S3 merger talks still on

    Major rumour, yes -- but it can't yet be ruled out...

    Business 01 16:50

  • Iridium US user figures up 25 per cent

    Yes, but from what, precisely? Iridium isn't saying

    Business 01 17:47

  • Compaq may be forced to back down on Alpha NT

    Large corporation fuming at decision

    Business 01 18:13

  • Merced could be a great games machine

    Can Chipzilla prevent the inevitable?

    Business 01 18:24

  • Cumine 7xx processors confirmed for late October

    It's not from the horse's mouth, but it's pretty close

    Business 01 18:31

  • Net Finance News: 22-28 Aug 1999


    Business 01 19:43

  • Intel in full cunning strategic retreat over PC-133

    Requests from vendors make them promise support

    Business 01 23:19

  • Amiga president bails

    Collas quits -- no reason given beyond 'to pursue personal interests'

    Business 01 23:38