31st August 1999 Archive

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  • Pentium III/mobile at 0.18 micron to arrive fall

    But Geyserville won't come with it

    Business 31 00:24

  • FlexATX mobos, Concept PCs make it to market

    Barbie Doll makes it but bad news for Ken

    Business 31 01:41

  • Sun to take on MS Office with free, Websourced Star

    Making StarOffice a Web app and giving it away could be a killer combination

    Business 31 06:34

  • Athlon mobos recalled

    Component problems blamed as Micro Star pulls its boards from Japanese market

    Business 31 09:22

  • MS failed to spot Hotmail hack threat

    Security breach had been in the public domain since June

    Business 31 10:50

  • European DRAM prices soar

    Good for vendors, bad for OEMs

    Business 31 11:56

  • Intel to climb aboard unmetered bandwagon?

    Secret meeting with CUT

    Business 31 12:10

  • Net child porn users searched for real-life abuse

    Government updates child abuse investigation guidelines

    Business 31 12:27

  • Computer science ‘cheats’ exposed at second Scottish university

    Software analyses 'their' work

    Business 31 12:44

  • S3 unveils Savage 2000

    War with Nvidia, 3dfx heats up

    Business 31 12:50

  • Screaming.net takes legal cudgels against ‘copycat’ ISP

    GreatXscape 'infringes copyright' -- allegedly

    Business 31 12:50

  • Bowie flogs download album

    Fifty retail sites take part

    Business 31 13:38

  • Toshiba to sell chip JV to partner Motorola

    Shake-up of Japanese giant's chip operation continues

    Business 31 14:06

  • Corba Component Model gets thumbs up

    Might be a year late, but who cares

    Business 31 14:18

  • Net/TV convergence myth exploded

    Researchers find contradictions in market's development

    Business 31 14:19

  • Poet's daughter was first programmer… NOT

    Biography of Lord Byron's daughter makes interesting claims

    Business 31 14:45

  • Camino mobo pix found on Web

    It'll be the 27th of Sep, as predicted

    Business 31 15:17

  • Nvidia unveils ‘256-CPU Cray’ GeForce 3D chip

    Company restates focus on chip design. It's not interested in board production -- for now...

    Business 31 15:20

  • NGIO, Future IO war over – System IO arrives

    No more war, just more jaw - updated

    Business 31 15:33

  • Intel's Barrett shows Linux running on Merced silicon

    ...but Win2000 evaluation period runs out...

    Business 31 16:17

  • Intel pushes Rambus hard

    Gelsinger gives update on Camino i820

    Business 31 16:40

  • Intel 810e to slow down Rambus adoption

    Acer exec casts doubt on futures

    Business 31 19:40

  • Seven Dramurai™ say they will make Rambus cheaper

    But premium will still be 25 per cent more next year

    Business 31 20:08

  • VGA dead: not many end users out of pocket

    New lamps for old monitors arrive at 15 per cent premium

    Business 31 20:24

  • Intel leaves 1394 out in cold, USB 2.0 exposed to desert glare

    There's an awful lot of mythical buses in Palm Springs

    Business 31 22:28

  • Chipzilla leapfrogs Chimpzilla in desert

    My chip's faster than your chip, says Tweedlebong to TweedleAMD

    Business 31 22:44