30th August 1999 Archive

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  • Intel's Grove admits Rambus will take time

    Only for a small proportion of the PC universe

    Business 30 01:08

  • NVIDIA to go for huge tranny count

    Speeds like a bee

    Business 30 01:26

  • MySQL now open source

    High speed database server released under GPL

    Business 30 06:42

  • MS advertorial slammed by mag trade body

    Forbes and WSJ ads investigated under ASME code of ethics

    Business 30 06:44

  • RSA-155 code cracked

    And here's the solution, happy campers...

    Business 30 06:46

  • Microsoft to relaunch MSN in Europe

    It's probably a scam to trash Rick Belluzzo's performance-related bonus...

    Business 30 06:48

  • Sun to announce purchase of Star Linux outfit

    As rumoured earlier, the German developer is becoming a sunbeam...

    Business 30 06:51

  • HP to roll out Linux-based thin clients

    Boost for the OS in the enterprise

    Business 30 07:57

  • MS to unveil wireless e-book design

    Ah, but will it ever ship?

    Business 30 08:00

  • Future looks for jam tomorrow in Netscape Online deal

    Free content for free ISP

    Business 30 10:15

  • AMD attacks Intel Celeron with 500MHz K6-2

    Signs Big Blue as customer

    Business 30 13:18

  • Micron to push high end Rambus memory Q3

    Samples 356MHz/400MHz parts

    Business 30 13:33

  • Qualcomm wins Motorola legal, starts new one

    US judge gives summary judgement in Q phone case

    Business 30 13:53

  • Intel to demonstrate Merced silicon tomorrow

    Will it manage to run Win64 as well as Linux?

    Business 30 18:41

  • Massive security breach affects Hotmail users

    How's this one going to be fixed, long term?

    Business 30 20:11

  • Intel says Via bigger threat than AMD

    But execution will see Chipzilla through

    Business 30 21:47

  • Intel to roll Camino i820 details out this week

    Launch date is a little later

    Business 30 22:03