28th August 1999 Archive

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  • HP turns to nVidia for mobo graphics

    OK, and....

    Business 28 06:16

  • Thieves ransack Register office

    But why did they ignore the Compaq server?

    Business 28 07:17

  • To hell with the Government and its recycled PCs for the poor

    To have and have not

    Business 28 07:21

  • Who says PC industry optimism is sky high?

    Deloitte and Touche findings are misplaced

    Business 28 07:24

  • Simply falls into Global Direct Mail's arms

    Business as usual

    Business 28 07:31

  • Apple dealer cull makes sense

    Unwelcome distraction

    Business 28 07:35

  • Onsale: Kamikaze pilot or Voodoo economist?

    No more piggy in the middle

    Business 28 07:46

  • Sugar takes Viglen private

    Sweet nothings for Viglen?

    Business 28 07:50

  • Workplace buys Lanbase

    networking resellers merge

    Business 28 07:55

  • South Africans swoop on European reseller scene

    USKO buys Bytes Technology Group

    Business 28 07:59

  • Computacenter share concern overdone

    What goes down can go up

    Business 28 08:07

  • Intel's ill-thought leasing scheme

    Recycling headaches down the line

    Business 28 08:11

  • Hurrah for grey trading

    Isn't this how the single market is supposed to work?

    Business 28 08:17

  • How much is a Cisco distribution franchise worth?

    ...£30m minimum

    Business 28 08:22

  • Low DRAM prices are good for the industry

    Our turn to do the squeezing

    Business 28 08:26

  • So are PC retailers responsible for ‘Rip-off’ Britain?

    We don't think so

    Business 28 08:31

  • Outlook for European PC merchants ‘generally grim’

    The squeeze merchants

    Business 28 08:49

  • Computacenter and its masterful IPO tactics

    Of course, the shares cost too much

    Business 28 08:52

  • Azlan and those Fraud Squad investigations

    Unwelcome distraction

    Business 28 08:57

  • What AST didn't want you to know

    Auto destruction

    Business 28 09:03

  • So how low can PC prices go?

    Running faster to stand still

    Business 28 09:13

  • Big is beautiful for Computacenter

    Balls of steel

    Business 28 09:17