27th August 1999 Archive

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  • Sports Internet gambles on Surrey Group

    Deal values bookmaker at £19.7m

    Business 27 07:29

  • Web precursor Xanadu project goes open source

    A brilliant collection of ideas that was never going to ship - so is it relevant?

    Business 27 08:34

  • Motorola goes live with 200+ node Linux cluster

    Los Alamos Labs to use system for high-level crunching

    Business 27 08:37

  • MS ActiveX security holes publicly demoed

    Richard Smith of Pharlap washes dirty linen in public

    Business 27 08:46

  • Intel's Barrett proposes bus jaw-jaw rather than war-war

    NGIO-Future IO parties close to compromise

    Business 27 08:49

  • Win2k next year – we have a target launch date

    This year, next year, some time never

    Business 27 09:04

  • Action 2K slams MS and others over Y2K info

    Software manufacturers keep changing their minds over compliance status

    Business 27 09:23

  • SMP Alphas running at 833MHz

    One gig just a shave away

    Business 27 09:27

  • AMD resists Intel price cut pressure

    Chimpzilla stands firm

    Business 27 09:35

  • Linux does well on AMD Athlon platform

    Review by hardware site puts it through its paces

    Business 27 10:06

  • Amazon does privacy U-turn

    Breaks purchasing circle after civil liberties uproar

    Business 27 10:34

  • Tom's Hardware says Athlon can o'clock to 1GHz

    Phew...get those screwdrivers out

    Business 27 10:59

  • Apple panic preps Power Mac G4 proxy

    'Yikes!' to temporarily replace much-delayed troublesome 'Sawtooth'

    Business 27 11:18

  • Singapore hit by Compaq job cull

    Sixty-two per cent of workforce bite the bullet

    Business 27 11:29

  • Chosen few to rake it in thanks to SDMI support

    Aris watermarking technology costs up to $50,000 per year plus 25 per cent of gross revenues

    Business 27 11:49

  • Online sales hit logistical brick wall

    Delivery is the key to success in ecommerce, research claims

    Business 27 12:31

  • ICANN moves on cybersquatting

    Procedures for dispute resolution in the pipeline

    Business 27 12:56

  • Has Intel been caught sabotaging Intergraph?

    The non-appearance of a crucial certification letter could be the key

    Business 27 12:59

  • Bug found up Bill Gates' ass

    Dear dear, how long is this one going to be up

    Business 27 15:09

  • Amiga ends ‘freedom of information’ policy

    And, in the face of users who still think it's 1985, who can blame it?

    Business 27 15:23

  • MS trashes own 64-bit plans by killing Alpha NT

    The company is hurting itself, and boosting Unix and Linux

    Business 27 15:27

  • How Microsoft hedged its 64-bit Alpha NT bets

    Posted two statements on the same day

    Business 27 17:44