26th August 1999 Archive

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  • Net Finance News: 15-21 Aug 1999


    Business 26 06:23

  • French ISP market to go freebie mad

    France Telecom to push new flat-rate tariff structure

    Business 26 06:28

  • Intergraph claims Intel still strangling it

    x.86 business collapsing because chip monster not complying

    Business 26 07:33

  • Phoenix snuggles up to Java developer Insignia

    Is this a Register stock tip, perchance?

    Business 26 08:14

  • Gates hints Win2k shipment will slip to next year

    Yes, we know that's not how everybody else is reporting it, but we don't care

    Business 26 08:16

  • Chip prices start to soar in Taiwan

    Major foundry ups increases to 25 per cent

    Business 26 08:18

  • Microsoft puts boot into 64-bit Alpha

    Thuds hit Compaq's corporate body which screams in pain

    Business 26 08:33

  • MS partner Telewest gobbles up Cable London

    Does this mean the UK now counts as fully consolidated?

    Business 26 08:40

  • AMD's Sanders gets chips with his chicken

    Finger-licking good

    Business 26 09:03

  • Intel's NEWSPEED's little legs continue to run

    It is good for something, apparently

    Business 26 09:43

  • Dellfest hosts the Bill and Mike show

    Gates rehashes book, Dell thumps the Web tub

    Business 26 11:42

  • Banner ads more appealing to women

    Survey finds online advertising more popular than you might think

    Business 26 11:50

  • New Jersey Environmental Protection dept. sues IBM, others

    The list is practically endless...

    Business 26 11:57

  • Osmosis man to stage comeback

    Fenton sets up components broker in UK

    Business 26 12:16

  • Acer pushes into networks with Cisco deal

    Video phones first on shopping list of new products

    Business 26 13:17

  • Microsoft share price rise is a puzzle

    The analysts all seem to have different explanations...

    Business 26 14:11

  • Chat network bans Malaysian users

    Singles out Malay ISPs as irresponsible after lack of support over hacks

    Business 26 14:15

  • Microworkz president falls on sword

    Latman to hand over day-to-day operations to more conventional management team

    Business 26 14:22

  • Young blood pushing out Intel old blood

    Just what are Intel's plans for the future?

    Business 26 14:35

  • BSA bullies blasted by accountants

    That's right - accountants

    Business 26 15:32

  • Asda lashes mobile carriers for price hikes

    BTCellnet and Vodafone attacked for 90 per cent increases

    Business 26 16:05

  • Vodafone Scoots info to handsets

    Tie-up sees phone users get access to directory enquiries

    Business 26 16:08

  • Official: the Net can give you syphilis

    Do you have Safe Surf? Plenty don't, it seems...

    Business 26 16:34

  • Leaked Compaq Q&A shows level of 64-bit NT Alpha chaos

    Rev One is below

    Business 26 16:57

  • Merced silicon happens: Linux runs, NT doesn't


    Business 26 17:15

  • How a leaked Pesatori Alpha NT customer letter reads

    A bit like the below, we think...

    Business 26 22:24