25th August 1999 Archive

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  • AOL strikes my enemy's enemy deal with Kingfisher

    Unite to fight Freeserve

    Business 25 06:01

  • Freeserve shares fall on Goldman Sachs research note

    Needs to justify high valuation

    Business 25 06:40

  • LA citizens tackle NFL in mass fax spam

    Free speech cited

    Business 25 07:17

  • Intel price cuts spark PC discount round

    HP and Dell take lead by reducing costs on desktops

    Business 25 07:42

  • Fujitsu Siemens sign on the dotted line

    JV is consummated with details of directors

    Business 25 07:46

  • Staff flock back to Ingram Micro

    Anti-exodus in wake of Sandy Scott's exit

    Business 25 10:28

  • Email ‘cheat’ to sue university

    Legal action threatened after 117 students were accused of cheating via email

    Business 25 11:04

  • 3dfx stock drops on ongoing losses

    Q2 revenue nearly doubles, but loss still high

    Business 25 11:18

  • Apple attacks iMac rip-offs

    eMachines, Future Power slapped with writs. Good

    Business 25 11:26

  • Cricket web site out for a duck


    Business 25 11:57

  • AOL's Schmidt's got a silver machine


    Business 25 12:12

  • US appeal court breaks trademark/domain name link

    Avery trademark too 'diluted', apparently

    Business 25 12:13

  • Direct vendors to out-sell indirect channel

    Resellers can expect a beating in the next two years

    Business 25 12:16

  • NTL to back “fair deal” free ISP Freedomi

    Promises there will be no charges at all, but there's not much detail either

    Business 25 13:25

  • Cadence Celeron design has double the cache

    But Chipzilla has not yet implemented it

    Business 25 14:20

  • Chip soccer shocker will let refs photo fouls

    They'll wear it next to their whistle

    Business 25 14:48

  • S3 brings Diamond merger vote forward

    Shareholder ballot on 20 September

    Business 25 14:52

  • Clever box set to slash cost of international calls

    But how much will it cost to buy?

    Business 25 14:55

  • Siemens/3Com telephony deal cut off

    But it's not the end of the line just yet

    Business 25 15:01

  • Samsung to spend its way to RAM market domination

    Company chairman to spend $2.93bn on retaining RAM chip lead

    Business 25 15:07

  • Apple takes anti-eMachines suit to Japan

    Ban-requesting writ slapped on Japanese eOne distributor

    Business 25 15:21

  • E-shopping researchers warn of too much traffic

    Survey firm pretends to be a complaints hotline to get to the core of eshoppers' problems

    Business 25 15:25

  • Great Santa of Software shows off new kit

    Christmas goodies unveiled

    Business 25 15:25

  • Ziff Davis loves Intel, The Register AMD

    Straw poll of adsales people reveals levels of marchitecture

    Business 25 20:22