24th August 1999 Archive

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  • US crypto plan aims to bug PCs

    'Plumbers' to be legalised -- if it gets through Congress...

    Business 24 06:15

  • Gartner Group spreads NT 5.0 gloom

    Slippage points to next century...

    Business 24 07:43

  • Cumine Pentium !!! steams over horizon

    Is the 26th September date a typo?

    Business 24 07:58

  • HP forced to clarify Merced stance

    Young Turks beat Old Guard's head in and blame media

    Business 24 08:07

  • Sun, IBM pull plugs on JavaOS project

    Killing it off is a great victory for Java, apparently...

    Business 24 08:16

  • What's so great about Linux, MS asks German press

    And do you think MS Deutschland is ethical? Visionary? Arrogant?

    Business 24 08:18

  • SGI chief poised to take charge of MS Internet division

    Considering how fast the old guard is falling off the perch, it could be a smart career move

    Business 24 08:21

  • Japanese engineer over clocks Athlon 500 to 650MHz

    He got his drill out and off his golden fingers went

    Business 24 08:51

  • Leaked Pesatori memo spells out Compaq Win plans

    Q maintains it will keep Win NT 64 going

    Business 24 09:14

  • One in three workers skive online

    Survey finds that sometimes people at work aren't actually working -- no way!

    Business 24 09:34

  • MS wins Sun appeal – but it's probably only temporary

    And the appeal court agrees Sun has a good case

    Business 24 09:54

  • Gunmen grab £1m Compaq machines

    Lorry driver held hostage in armed robbery

    Business 24 10:15

  • US appoints e-commerce czar

    Sounds like a good idea, perhaps the UK government should get one too

    Business 24 10:19

  • Why AMD's got a sporting chance…

    Dixons supports Athlon and volumes good

    Business 24 11:25

  • Knives are out at Packard Hell NEC

    Management cull as chairman outlines turnaround hopes

    Business 24 12:06

  • Zenith files for Chapter 11

    Former electronics giant takes only way out as LG steps in to take over

    Business 24 12:27

  • Compaq admits Inventec makes its notebooks

    Armed robbery prompts unexpected confession

    Business 24 12:28

  • Dabs gets dabs on Camino mobo

    Stone me...don't they sign NDAs?

    Business 24 12:40

  • Damning MS with the facts III – the browser battle

    The third part of our analysis of the DoJ's case

    Business 24 13:51

  • Damning MS with the facts II – monopoly power

    Part two of our analysis of the DoJ's case

    Business 24 13:57

  • Intel debuts new products – not many told

    Win98SE problems to blame?

    Business 24 14:11

  • Intel confirms mobos shortage will put freeze on PCs

    When we said crucial, we meant crucial, dammit...

    Business 24 14:11

  • PSINet buys US ecommerce outfit in $720m deal

    Now it has plans to sell 'ecommerce in a box'

    Business 24 14:49

  • Compaq robbery – five per cent of sales lost

    Never mind the base units, there go the TFTs

    Business 24 15:10

  • Profits slip for Dialog

    First half is a tale of mixed fortunes

    Business 24 15:12

  • Seagate to slash jobs

    Disk drive price war claims more scalps

    Business 24 15:37

  • Free AOL launches under Netscape banner

    Two brands for the price of one

    Business 24 15:58

  • LineOne pokes tongues at Netscape Online

    Launch of free service to erode AOL user base

    Business 24 16:00