23rd August 1999 Archive

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  • AMD Harley gets delivered to Compaq Pfeiffer

    Mercy dash from Austin to Houston

    Business 23 06:46

  • Gates puts $5bn more into charity pot

    Biggest gift by a living donor

    Business 23 07:03

  • i820-Camino incompatible with graphics boards?

    Will Intel fix it by the end of September?

    Business 23 07:20

  • Net Finance News: 1-7 Aug 1999


    Business 23 07:29

  • Net Finance News: 8-14 Aug 1999


    Business 23 07:32

  • Via may produce Alpha chipsets

    Another brick in the wall?

    Business 23 07:34

  • Microsoft, Amazon and the Drugstore connection

    Pin money for Melinda Gates

    Business 23 07:39

  • Compaq's Capellas, Pesatori talk OpenVMS turkey

    Those inside Q know, now you do too..

    Business 23 07:52

  • Wireless alliance to boost Palm-cellular interoperability

    Nokia, Lucent and 3Com make intriguing bedfellows...

    Business 23 09:04

  • Compaq Alpha cuts pull rug from Microsoft's 64-bit NT

    Compaq still loves 64-bit NT, apparently, but just doesn't want to spend money on it...

    Business 23 09:07

  • eBay bans $6500 Iridium share auction

    Way too risky to allow to continue, quakes online auctioneer

    Business 23 10:04

  • Intel ships Profusion SMP chipset, announces large cache Xeons

    Eleven OEMs to announce later on today

    Business 23 10:17

  • Reader warns of Intel-NT overclock shock

    Cunning Wintel plan puts spanner in works?

    Business 23 11:05

  • Akamai announces IPO plan

    Shares to net $86.25m in addition to the $61.5m company has had of Apple and Cisco

    Business 23 11:08

  • Surfing the Net makes you mentally ill

    But you're really in need of help if you're ready to swallow that one

    Business 23 11:27

  • Compaq kicked Down Under over retail plans

    Decision to open its own chain of stores has provoked angry reaction in channel

    Business 23 11:42

  • Mobile phones are next to Godliness

    BTCellnet pays to mount transmitter in church spire

    Business 23 11:52

  • Shortages in Taiwan are getting crucial, man

    Mobiles affected big time, too

    Business 23 14:15

  • Intel changes verification spexx on chipz

    Unilateral declaration of something or other on NEWSPEED

    Business 23 14:54

  • DoJ trial summary damns MS with facts

    The DoJ's 800 pages contrast sharply with the MS version

    Business 23 14:55

  • Sanyo jumps on digital music bandwagon

    Player to support Liquid Audio, MP3

    Business 23 15:25

  • God's techies write to The Register

    Mobile phones in church? That's nothing...

    Business 23 15:43

  • Online bankers take off

    Europe spanks US at Net banking

    Business 23 15:45

  • Tesco to launch cybercafes

    Every little helps

    Business 23 15:46

  • Alpha board bolstered by Scottish Telecom connection

    Matthews' appointment follows £9.5m investment

    Business 23 15:47

  • Fujitsu teams up with Xeons

    Four and eight way servers to ship

    Business 23 15:54

  • Making Markets founder making tracks

    Duthie sunning herself in California – nice work if you can get it

    Business 23 16:39