20th August 1999 Archive

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  • Apple sues eMachines over iMac looky-likey

    Jobs deals blow to Korean-owned manufacturer

    Business 20 10:35

  • Amiga president responds to Iwin

    Collas cautiously optimistic about Commodore wannabe's plans

    Business 20 10:54

  • Y2K bug eats Inland Revenue records

    EDS glitch blamed after bailiffs sent round to innocent company

    Business 20 11:07

  • Tesco online shopping pilot crashes PCs

    Too much plug and not enough play as shoppers have to swap devices around

    Business 20 11:09

  • Sony to fight PlayStation emulator in court next month

    Connectix confident of success after 14 September court appearance

    Business 20 11:39

  • Novell Q3 beats street, clocks major revenue, income gains

    Figures confirm Novell is beyond the recovery phase and into growth

    Business 20 11:48

  • Via to push Gobi chip in Q4

    Hmm...bit of a puzzler this one

    Business 20 12:00

  • Acer to integrate nVidia technology into chip set

    Year end, it seems

    Business 20 12:09

  • Iridium shares up for grabs on eBay

    Bidding starts at $6500 for 1300 shares -- but is it legal?

    Business 20 12:18

  • Intel clocking software found on Web

    But it only works with pre-production chips

    Business 20 12:31

  • Interactive Investor slammed for running teeny-weeny ads

    Not guilty, we say

    Business 20 13:27

  • TFT shortage bites into notebook sales

    Don't forget, you read it here first

    Business 20 13:34

  • Locals gang up on EDS

    Kingston council urged to sack beleaguered services giant

    Business 20 13:38

  • Quantum sheds 800 jobs worldwide

    Announces $50m reshuffle in the face of stiff competition

    Business 20 13:48

  • Iomega CEO quits after ten months at helm

    Glore resigns to spend more time with family

    Business 20 14:35

  • Blair hits out at ecommerce laziness

    Businesses accused of being slow to embrace technology, a case of the pot calling the kettle grimy arse?

    Business 20 15:11

  • Churchill's granddaughter to Webcast facelift

    We will bite them on the features…

    Business 20 15:12

  • Luck of the Irish hangs on ecommerce

    ROI wants to be major force in international ebusiness

    Business 20 15:13

  • Christmas virus is coming to drive you crackers

    It'll stuff more than just your turkey

    Business 20 15:16

  • Toll-free ISP in orbit around Planet

    Greatxscape - terrible name

    Business 20 19:49

  • One2One man accused of spying

    Former employee is now helping police with their inquiries

    Business 20 19:50

  • Microsoft gets the Spanish inquisition

    The good people of Spain point accusatory finger at Stan the sexist

    Business 20 19:51

  • Ingram hit by $5m lawsuit

    Reseller blames distie for sale of unlicensed Novell software

    Business 20 19:53

  • HP plays channel lottery

    Someone in the UK channel is about to win £1m

    Business 20 19:54

  • Lone shareholder tries to scupper BT's Cellnet buy out

    Deal with Securicor over future of mobile carrier is under fire

    Business 20 19:54

  • After the flood – Demon's under fire

    Users complain of poor service as email servers take an early bath

    Business 20 19:58