19th August 1999 Archive

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  • CRT displays – not as dead as you'd think

    Monitor market mayhem set to cool down

    Business 19 07:36

  • AMD accused of bending K7 benchmarks

    Benchmark firm issues bitter recriminations

    Business 19 07:40

  • HP's Merced strategy descends into farce

    The Old Guard and the Young Turks go at it hammer and tongs

    Business 19 08:12

  • Taiwan mobo makers put on severe BX/ZX allocations

    Meanwhile, Intel "deep throat" says firm screwed up

    Business 19 08:41

  • Falling prices boost Computacenter profits

    The cheaper the hardware, the greater the demand, the more services it flogs to its blue chip customers

    Business 19 10:39

  • Takeover on table for Workplace

    Share price yo-yos as company admits talks

    Business 19 11:08

  • Texans sink $6m in Blackstar

    Online DVD-video retailer gets cash boost

    Business 19 11:56

  • GPS bug to strike today

    If you don't check your equipment you can get lost

    Business 19 11:58

  • Orange takes over Siemens' former UK fab

    But not to make chips

    Business 19 12:07

  • LineOne kicks off aggressive promo campaign

    Sets aside £3.5m for marketing push

    Business 19 12:09

  • Microsoft poo-poos MS Audio security hack

    Unangst vs Unfuck

    Business 19 12:27

  • Intel abandons chip – $½ billion lost at sea

    Chipzilla a cumbersome, lumbersone graphics player

    Business 19 12:29

  • Commodore wannabe to reveal full Amiga box specs

    Non-believers will be convinced our non-Amiga Amigas will work, promises Iwin

    Business 19 12:41

  • Micromuse murder allegation kicked out

    F1 smash driver Dawes had list of eight who wanted him dead

    Business 19 14:51

  • Channel 5 swaps ads for new media equity

    Sets sights on becoming major content provider

    Business 19 15:06

  • Demon weathers storm as offices flooded

    No interruption to service as burst water main gushes forth

    Business 19 15:22

  • Mitnick tries a religion crack

    Hacker legend working the kosher angle

    Business 19 15:50

  • nVidia Q2 revenue rockets up 543 per cent

    But results flat, quarter-on-quarter

    Business 19 16:00

  • Cable giant NTL to buy Workplace

    Mystery suiter revealed in £81m bid

    Business 19 16:10

  • Silver surfers get own ISP

    UK-based service courts ageing population

    Business 19 16:17

  • Motorola to buy Metrowerks

    Chip vendor to acquire leading IDE developer for $95m

    Business 19 16:35

  • Intel has software to overclock chips

    But you won't get it, folks...

    Business 19 16:50

  • Analogue/digital safe PC cards go on sale

    No more hot fried modems, thanks

    Business 19 16:51

  • Apple taps Gap for iBook colour scheme

    Why do Apple's iBooks and Gap's autumn line look the same? Coincidence, schmoincidence...

    Business 19 16:55

  • Wearable computer buffs spread the word

    Newsletter tells you where to put it

    Business 19 17:10

  • Compaq set to fire Alpha NT developers

    We have the confirmation...

    Business 19 22:45