18th August 1999 Archive

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  • Coppermine Celeron waiting in wings

    New lamps for old...a PIII by any other name

    Business 18 07:12

  • Intel re-marks own chips

    Trading standard body lets Satan off the hook

    Business 18 07:22

  • Jungle customers earn discounts through free ISP

    £7.5 promotional spend

    Business 18 08:05

  • Special report: MS on the threat from Linux et al

    And how a clutch of outfits are doing well against MS, really...

    Business 18 08:17

  • Special report: MS on the Netscape-AOL deal

    The company views this as a last minute lifebelt

    Business 18 08:18

  • Special report: MS on the threat to its position

    It's three-pronged, apparently

    Business 18 08:19

  • Special report: Microsoft's pitch on antitrust

    No monopoly power, just market power, right?

    Business 18 08:20

  • Special report: Trial truth according to Microsoft

    We analyse Microsoft's mammoth version of trial events

    Business 18 08:21

  • Bandwidth costs in UK too high

    Nearly half of small businesses still using modem connections

    Business 18 11:10

  • Happy Cat doc reveals Intel chipset futures

    There's new codenames to juggle with

    Business 18 12:00

  • Big Blue to push Linux supported twin-600MHz box next week

    Netfinity aimed at small business market

    Business 18 12:04

  • Tom's Hardware speaks out over alleged Intel mobo muscle

    Did Chipzilla put pressure on Taiwanese over Athlon K7?

    Business 18 12:32

  • Spammer by any other name is still a spammer

    Six free hamburgers with every order

    Business 18 12:56

  • Airport Departure Gates hit by Windows crash

    We have the photographic evidence...

    Business 18 13:02

  • Usability is the key for Visio upgrade

    Simple as possible

    Business 18 13:39

  • Iridium asks shareholders to cut stakes by 40 per cent

    Move to allow bondholders to convert debt bonds to equity

    Business 18 14:05

  • Be unveils so-so first post-IPO results

    Loss wider than last year, revenue lower

    Business 18 14:27

  • RAM Lifestyles – can they be serious?

    What do you call a Welshman with two sheep?

    Business 18 14:30

  • AOL figures soar – but not in the UK

    Army of ants

    Business 18 14:46

  • Child porn GP struck off Medical Register

    'Totally unfit to retain the privilege'

    Business 18 14:51

  • Four letters added to Pentium III make for 10 times price hike

    Does Intel have a validation point here?

    Business 18 15:28

  • Updated: DRAM market calm in July

    How come the price discrepancies?

    Business 18 15:31

  • Computer Warehouse scores zip on Register ChannelMark™

    No tech support available on Mondays and Tuesdays, for starters...

    Business 18 15:51

  • Apple, Cisco invest in Net content delivery service

    Akamai nets $61.5 million for four and five per cent stakes

    Business 18 16:20

  • Egg shells out £1m for Excite UK exclusive

    Hatched with interest

    Business 18 16:34

  • Dell continues to shine

    $30m a day online sales

    Business 18 16:37

  • Amazon.com sues Amazon.gr

    Beware of Greeks bearing websites

    Business 18 16:51

  • Fujitsu Siemens merger back on track

    Official announcement to be made next week

    Business 18 21:47