17th August 1999 Archive

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  • Big Blue in at the dawn of the universe

    Quark gluon plasma heavy ion shock horror

    Business 17 06:31

  • Compaq exec re-org: Alpha being pushed hard

    Enrico "The Cloak" Pesatori gets his way

    Business 17 07:12

  • CHS ‘evaluates strategic alternatives’, red inks $89.2m

    For sale, one distie giant?

    Business 17 07:19

  • HP turns in fat profit for Q3

    Revenues up by 11 per cent

    Business 17 07:27

  • Massacre of innocence on football thug Web site

    TV researcher makes a real hash of things

    Business 17 09:53

  • IBM workers start trade union

    Man the barricades!

    Business 17 10:14

  • Microworkz moves to settle EarthLink suit

    PC vendor fails to file countersuit, tries to talk its way out of it

    Business 17 10:35

  • RegMark™ Lite® shows Celeron trashing AMD Athlon

    And refinements and tweaks in progress...

    Business 17 11:16

  • Commodore wannabe claims Amiga ‘fooled’ community

    Iwin's new Amiga-based boxes use hardware emulation to bypass Amiga IP

    Business 17 11:19

  • HP says it's on target for Merced next year

    Confirms HP/UX, Win NT, Linux support

    Business 17 12:30

  • Calling all e-potatoes: look at this ad and earn 30p an hour!

    Good grief, now we have to be paid to watch banner ads

    Business 17 13:06

  • Drop the Bomb Dot Com

    Bids start at $95K

    Business 17 13:21

  • Home PC sales soar in China

    Locals account for six out of 10 top vendors

    Business 17 14:18

  • Craft guilds answer to techno-exploitation

    But will it happen?

    Business 17 14:40

  • Compaq's server strategy still cloaked in mystery

    When is an industry standard not an industry standard?

    Business 17 15:04

  • Principal goes under as creditors take a hit

    KPMG warns money unlikely to come back

    Business 17 15:55

  • Energis tests viability of 0800 services

    Kicks off scheme with ISP minnow to see if it’s worth beefing up

    Business 17 15:58

  • BOL locked in online book price war

    Latest price promotion goes live

    Business 17 16:11

  • Watch your typing – it could affect your credit rating

    Business 17 16:14

  • Tiny bins free PC offer

    Great British Public want to pay for their PCs

    Business 17 17:20

  • Mobile phones are a real pain in the neck

    The technical term is spondylitis

    Business 17 17:27