16th August 1999 Archive

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  • Intel changes rules on slot one

    SECC 2 package designed for higher slot speeds

    Business 16 07:29

  • Pentium II family reaches end of the road

    As PII/450 disappears, so does entire family

    Business 16 09:19

  • Happy Cat leaks stash of Intel futures

    Willamette, CuMine, Timna, Foster, Cascades: it's all there on our favourite Japanese site

    Business 16 09:44

  • Opera user base grows despite ‘end’ of browser war

    Developer nears completion of Linux, BeOS, Mac, EPOC32, cellphone versions

    Business 16 10:56

  • AMD K7 puts in early appearance

    Evesham Micros builds PCs for QVC shopping channel

    Business 16 11:21

  • Hacker jailed after Vodafone SMS sting

    Three months' bird for revenge attack on ex-employer

    Business 16 12:05

  • Iomega launches OEM'd CD-RW drive

    Step back for storage company, but step forward for its finances

    Business 16 12:27

  • Cisco buys UK outfit for $55 million

    Callista target of the Kid's affections

    Business 16 12:47

  • Footy fight site hit by white hat hackers

    Are the police secretly supporting the illegal activities of anti-violence site busters?

    Business 16 14:18

  • HP hopes to trump Compaq on Unix, NT support

    The battle royale is on

    Business 16 14:22

  • Capellas only gets ½ as much as Pfeiffer

    Must be the haircut 2000

    Business 16 14:34

  • Amiga developer in talks to buy Commodore name

    CBM branding to sell Iwin's Amiga-based machines -- it hopes...

    Business 16 14:46

  • Date rape drug – two arrested for Net sales

    US authorities swoop on two selling GHB kits for $200

    Business 16 14:55

  • Evolution to be benchmarked against computers

    Computer organisms put Darwin to the test

    Business 16 14:56

  • End-of-the-week bug to eat GPS

    Satellites outlive their 20 years' life expectancy

    Business 16 14:57

  • Red faces at AT&T over Intel phone bill

    It's a boo-boo

    Business 16 14:58

  • Athlon PC pricing is a secret

    Carrera boom-di-ay – our common sense has gone away

    Business 16 15:09

  • PIII/600 with 133MHz FSB outed!!!

    It's a cannot confirm or deny situation

    Business 16 15:14

  • Chip site spins off Linux site…

    It's the coming thing, you know

    Business 16 15:34

  • MIPS unveils own MMX for 64-bit CPUs

    ASE plugs hole in MIPS64's 3D graphics functionality

    Business 16 15:43

  • Athlon PCs go on sale

    UK system builders start to set out stall

    Business 16 16:18

  • Home shopping boom fuelled by Net

    Ecommerce takes off in UK

    Business 16 16:26

  • James Bond aided by Fujitsu printer

    It's 007 -- licence to print

    Business 16 16:30

  • All-new RegMark99™ shows Celeron outperforms Pentium III by 2.3 times

    Bangs per buck is the name of the game

    Business 16 17:58