14th August 1999 Archive

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  • Intel confirms months-long mobo shortage

    BX, ZX chipsets in dead short supply

    Business 14 Aug 06:17

  • Five more Intel parts to join PIII/450 in chip gulag

    Keep your eyes skinned for the 23rd August

    Business 14 Aug 06:29

  • Compaq to go enterprise crazy next Tuesday

    Profusion of eight-way servers kicked off by Q

    Business 14 Aug 07:10

  • Iridium to enter Chapter 11

    Announcement made to forestall bondholders' attempt to force the company to make the same move

    Business 14 Aug 12:42

  • Red Hat stock shoots past Microsoft's

    Third day of post-IPO trading shows demand unabated

    Business 14 Aug 13:16