13th August 1999 Archive

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  • AMD Athlons on retail sale in Japan

    Supplies available in Akibahara

    Business 13 08:48

  • RIMMs start to ship in volume

    Meanwhile, Hyundai dumping case delayed

    Business 13 08:57

  • Internet Explorer hit by fresh security scare

    FTP security compromised by browser design

    Business 13 09:04

  • Sony commits to online music sales

    December launch likely to involve Net Walkman release too

    Business 13 10:53

  • Time to feed the World (Wide Web)

    Live Aid goes online

    Business 13 11:08

  • Seagate U8 HDDs aim for bargain basement

    Taking on the entry-level PC market

    Business 13 11:09

  • E-bank promises easy money online

    Easyeverything group plan Net finance venture

    Business 13 11:15

  • Computer Associates teamz up with UMC

    Story was true... we weren't on diethylamide after all

    Business 13 11:20

  • Judge dismisses ATI Real 3D ‘nuisance suit’ claim

    Real 3D's patent infringement claims judged "valid"

    Business 13 11:21

  • Rambus officers offload over 50,000 shares

    Heap of transactions happened yesterday

    Business 13 11:35

  • Palm blocks daVinci PDA sales

    Device's OS contains stolen PalmOS, 3Com subsidiary alleges

    Business 13 11:45

  • AltaVista takes on US market with free service

    Set to alter the US Net vista?

    Business 13 12:02

  • Red Hat stock heads skyward on second day's trading

    Company market cap nearly $5 billion

    Business 13 12:06

  • OS-9 developer set to battle Apple's Mac OS 9

    Microware alleges trademark infringement

    Business 13 12:29

  • Stop the madness, Quantum boss pleads

    Seagate fingered for slashing prices

    Business 13 12:32

  • Y2K bug eats London's electricity

    Bug fix attempt backfires big-time

    Business 13 14:02

  • Fraud row lands EDS in yet more hot water

    Sends out letter accusing housing benefit claimants of cashing missing cheques

    Business 13 15:20

  • Euro-market for clever handhelds to soar this year

    Palm, it do well

    Business 13 16:18

  • Athlon fire resistant, graffito resistant and aesthetically sound

    Just keep your eyes on your own...ok

    Business 13 16:31

  • AT&T sues Intel

    Phonezilla and Chipzilla stomp all over each other for paltry sum

    Business 13 19:52

  • Intel attempts to grab PC-133 spex

    Late to the game, but not too late to dominate

    Business 13 19:57