12th August 1999 Archive

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  • Merced Linux expected Q1, as IBM joins Trillian

    The VA-led 64-bit Linux project is starting to look pretty weighty...

    Business 12 Aug 07:27

  • DoJ files on MS: ‘broad pattern of unlawful conduct’

    Meanwhile, Microsoft dismisses its case as 'theatrics'

    Business 12 Aug 07:29

  • Component shortages threaten mobo manufacture

    Dear me. Why should this be?

    Business 12 Aug 09:40

  • Iridium defaults on debt

    Bankruptcy one step closer...

    Business 12 Aug 11:01

  • Amiga to develop games consoles, digital music players

    Is Jim Collas moving even further away from original Amiga concept than previously thought?

    Business 12 Aug 11:17

  • SGI releases XFS file system to Linux community

    Company embarks on open source support in earnest

    Business 12 Aug 11:39

  • InvestIN.com brings US stock day trading to UK

    Plus Europe's first online-only bank opens early

    Business 12 Aug 11:45

  • Shareholders demand court bans S3/Diamond merger

    Deal undervalues Diamond stock claims suit

    Business 12 Aug 12:16

  • ilion figures let down by UK – again

    Still holding out for a takeover offer

    Business 12 Aug 12:22

  • Wall Street votes for Linux in Red Hat IPO

    Stock triples against market trends

    Business 12 Aug 13:00

  • IT blamed for killer stress levels

    Latest survey shows what we always knew -- this stuff's bad for you

    Business 12 Aug 13:42

  • Web site set aside for free AOL registrations

    Enquiries flood in for freebie Netscape Online

    Business 12 Aug 13:44

  • NASA to Webcast meteor shower

    Weather balloon with Web cam to film Perseid's firework display

    Business 12 Aug 13:45

  • MP3 players mop up Flash supplies

    South Korean vendors predict major memory shortfall

    Business 12 Aug 14:33

  • Gamers aren't geeks, survey claims

    Shocking announcement turns preconceptions on their heads

    Business 12 Aug 14:48

  • Plastic HDDs on Sony horizon

    Cheaper to produce, but no talk of when they will go into volume

    Business 12 Aug 14:52

  • PCs learn to lip read

    Software boosts accuracy of speech recognition

    Business 12 Aug 14:53

  • African-American site gets big four backing

    Funding from industry heavyweights for new service

    Business 12 Aug 15:41

  • Red China masses half a million soldiers in Taiwan move

    This is the mother of all sabre rattling

    Business 12 Aug 17:34

  • Compaq to announce re-org Tuesday next

    Pesatori will spell out enterprise plans

    Business 12 Aug 17:40