11th August 1999 Archive

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  • Intel invites Linux developers to help spend $200 million

    Grove tells Merced world+dog: spend, spend, spend!

    Business 11 05:22

  • Sony stops shipping ‘X-ray vision’ camera

    Yes it can see through clothes, no it was an accident, honest

    Business 11 05:47

  • Now Intel-IDT enter cross-licensing frenzy

    Where does this leave Via, Cyrix, Centaur et al whoever he is?

    Business 11 07:24

  • Chip firms FUD end users over .18µm v .25µm technology

    Just how the hell are you gonna tell?

    Business 11 07:48

  • Compaq fears for $7 billion if Taiwan and China fight

    It would affect Capellas' bottom line, that's for sure

    Business 11 07:59

  • No more deals behind closed doors – EU tells NSI

    Threat of swingeing fines hangs over domain name registrar

    Business 11 08:28

  • Novell makes pirate walk the plank

    Man busted after trying to shift $48,000 of dodgy software over the Web

    Business 11 09:22

  • HP thrashing Umax in scanner market

    Ouch! Eclipse word appears again

    Business 11 09:28

  • Online shopping appeals to third of all Net users

    Laxatives cited as one of most common purchases -– must be all that sitting in front of a PC

    Business 11 10:07

  • SGI pledges ‘major commitment’ to Linux

    We'll more closely support the open source OS than any other vendor, claims company

    Business 11 10:46

  • Amazon to expand into Japan

    Subsidiary to focus on gadgets, not books

    Business 11 11:17

  • Web workers to get own trade union

    Webmasters of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your HTML

    Business 11 12:05

  • Wibbly Wobbly Web casts shadow over eclipse

    BBC servers max-out –- would have done better with a stone circle...

    Business 11 12:06

  • Behind Bill Gates' ‘cooked’ email

    DoJ Motion reveals more MS shenanigans

    Business 11 12:10

  • Saucy hacker whips Feds' Web into shape

    She's a cracker - and we've got the pics

    Business 11 13:20

  • Cisco beats Street – just

    The only way is up...

    Business 11 13:48

  • StorageTek, Sun team up

    Re-alignments order of the day

    Business 11 14:19

  • Athlon mobos three times dearer than PIII equivalents

    Until third parties get on board...

    Business 11 14:25

  • AMD needs cash for the Dresden money pit

    "Do or die" as service contracts change

    Business 11 15:14

  • Memory claws its way back

    PC133 to reach volume end of year

    Business 11 15:28

  • Lucent logo – the pin win


    Business 11 16:10

  • Fujitsu Siemens tie-up under threat

    Neither company can agree on who will run the JV, apparently

    Business 11 16:11

  • Eclipse update: Apple PR stunt shocks World

    Jobs rents sun, moon for $55 billion

    Business 11 16:28