10th August 1999 Archive

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  • Sun's Corona to outlast this week's eclipse

    Very Thin Client (VTC) expected in future

    Business 10 04:48

  • Intel shortage of PII/266 heralds victory for Celeron family

    Customers screaming for parts

    Business 10 04:58

  • Lucent to grab INS for nearly $4bn

    Acquisitions are them...

    Business 10 05:07

  • TurboLinux scales high ground with cluster server

    Alpha and Intel system supports heterogeneous clustering, management

    Business 10 07:20

  • VNU pays $4m for CMP UK and France

    Not very much, is it?

    Business 10 07:55

  • Hollywood outfit to use Merced

    Titanic, True Lies, What Dreams May Come, the Fifth Element part of text stream

    Business 10 08:56

  • Pre-pay fraud hits BTCellnet

    Stolen credit cards used to top up accounts

    Business 10 09:08

  • FTC lets Intel off the hook

    Sixty days, they've been and gone...

    Business 10 10:20

  • Gulf War veteran gaoled for kiddie Web porn

    UK's biggest haul of downloaded paedophilia

    Business 10 10:43

  • MSN in low-cost access promo

    Updated: How low can you go?

    Business 10 10:55

  • Digital Music body announces anti-piracy technology

    SDMI watermarking system to be provided by ex-RIAA VP's company

    Business 10 11:01

  • Via claims National to blame for Cyrix layoffs

    Where does the buck stop, anyway?

    Business 10 11:10

  • HK to become spam capital of the world

    Ruling paves way for unauthorised sending of junk email

    Business 10 11:11

  • Caldera completes OpenLinux for Sparc port

    Sun support reveals its WinNT worries

    Business 10 11:32

  • IBM down and out down under

    NZ police computer project turns sour

    Business 10 11:51

  • IBM Microelectronics turns to Linux to promote PowerPC

    'Thin' server strategy mirrors Motorola's -- albeit without Moto's Intel support

    Business 10 11:58

  • Man beaten to death for using mobile phone in pub

    Cellphone rage claims first fatality

    Business 10 12:06

  • BTCellnet to up prices to counter profiteering

    A spot of arbitragy-bargy...

    Business 10 12:23

  • MS founder sails into sunset with Jerry Hall

    A rolling stone gathers no DOS...?

    Business 10 12:40

  • SGI to spin off Cray, NT workstation biz, graphics expertise

    Sell-offs to eliminate 1000-1500 jobs, streamline company for Net-oriented future, says CEO

    Business 10 12:49

  • Lucent logo captures company in ‘single masterful brush stroke’

    We'll give Register pins for the best alternative explanations

    Business 10 12:55

  • Maxdata edges into UK notebook Top 20

    Six months down the line, move into notebooks is paying off

    Business 10 13:08

  • Layoffs hit Oracle UK

    Sixty consultants bite the bullet

    Business 10 14:32

  • MS judge – ‘how I avoided Vietnam’

    Just tell the 'Cong when the war's supposed to finish - LBJ, read and weep...

    Business 10 15:22

  • IO battle of giants to make tiny firm rich

    Intel's NGIO, and Future IO will allow Wind River to rake it in

    Business 10 15:27

  • Online coffee morning raises cancer funds

    Connectwomen.com wants to generate £2.5m

    Business 10 15:43

  • Give the Internet a go for cancer relief

    C&W Subs-free service donates £1 per user to Macmillan

    Business 10 15:43

  • MPs blast UK gov over ecommerce plans

    Time to get innovative, says committee

    Business 10 15:54

  • Connect.women does more for C&W than for charity

    Opinion:When supporting a good cause isn't good enough

    Business 10 16:01

  • Gateway walks away from Athlon

    No PCs with AMD's new baby after all

    Business 10 16:24

  • Intel: 133MHz FSB plot to thicken sooner than thought

    PC-133 and RDRAM jumper interchange on 23rd August

    Business 10 18:01

  • Geyserville slips a whole quarter in a day…

    When the Hell...is Geyserville?

    Business 10 18:09

  • Mediasurface and its hugely ambitious IPO plans

    Seeks £400m market cap

    Business 10 18:35

  • Mondus.com raises funds for SME ecommerce portal

    Launches in US, Germany and UK

    Business 10 18:39

  • AOL Europe reshuffles top table

    Meaner, but not necessarily leaner

    Business 10 18:48