9th August 1999 Archive

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  • MS in porno banner ads row

    LinkExchange accused of allowing indiscriminate sex ads on hosted site

    Business 09 05:37

  • MS, Softbank plan wireless Web venture

    Which will put them head-to-head with the mighty NTT in Japan...

    Business 09 07:39

  • MS filing claims browser plans started in 1992

    Spinning recommences as adversaries file last documents

    Business 09 07:41

  • AMD a monkey, Motorola a chimp and Intel a gorilla

    CEO of AMD talks bananas

    Business 09 07:57

  • AMD Athlon K7 NDA expires…

    Hardware sites jump to it...so it goes

    Business 09 08:22

  • Intel rebate programme causes further chip price reductions

    There's more than one way to attack the K7 Kat

    Business 09 09:28

  • AMD gets all fundamental about Athlon Outside

    Our "reader of the month" tips world off

    Business 09 09:40

  • MS to face spate of lawsuits if it loses the big one

    And we name the mysterious source close to Microsoft

    Business 09 10:06

  • Rambus' RAID for RAM is Big Blue-built

    IBM's been here before, say Register readers

    Business 09 10:25

  • Exchange weathers Net IPO storm

    Modest profit-taking on UK's second big Net stock

    Business 09 10:59

  • I'm Virgin – call me

    Branson's mob to launch One2One-based mobile phone

    Business 09 11:22

  • Updated iMacs to ship in September

    17in screen version to arrive at last?

    Business 09 11:26

  • Rambus launches RDRAM fault tolerance

    Based on Big Blue's ideas, but it's IDM not IBM

    Business 09 12:02

  • Compaq UK loses David Petts

    Long time Big Q-er off to don stetson and join Compaq Houston

    Business 09 12:04

  • Fujitsu PCs on sale at Iceland

    Stack 'em next to the fish fingers...

    Business 09 12:06

  • Shake down splits Compaq UK in four

    New divisions led by new faces as McNally focuses on Net

    Business 09 12:31

  • Cisco's $1bn in KPMG forms love triangle with MS

    Consultancy is where the money is, Chambers notices

    Business 09 12:45

  • EMC squares $1.1bn DG buy out

    NUMA's up as DG gets clarion call

    Business 09 13:07

  • BTClick unveils VOIP helpline

    Great idea -- well, kind of...

    Business 09 13:09

  • Receivers take reins at Pace Modems

    Death of one of the dying breed of UK modem makers

    Business 09 14:01

  • Philips, Matsushita outline MP3 plans

    Both to launch players, but only Philips will support MP3

    Business 09 14:09

  • Microsoft unveils NT Embedded – Not

    There's just one thing missing from the latest product announcement...

    Business 09 14:27

  • NetBenefit/Excite deal to push personal URLs

    Cyber heirlooms predicted as the personal domain becomes trendy

    Business 09 14:30

  • Y2KY jelly eases passage of date change bug

    The silly season is most definitely upon us...

    Business 09 15:22

  • Intel to announce fresh Pentium III price cuts in two weeks' time

    Every dog will have its day

    Business 09 15:32

  • Geyserville delayed until post-Mother Shipton period

    Faster Coppermines to arrive in same space-time continuum

    Business 09 16:04

  • Beans spilled on Freedomi ISP venture

    Not such a big deal after all -- free calls in exchange for ads, that's all

    Business 09 16:05

  • Soccer thugs wield Web as a weapon

    Are you looking to get your teeth downloaded on to the pavement?

    Business 09 16:13

  • Evesham sings song of south with London office

    Where the streets are paved with SMEs

    Business 09 16:40

  • Cyrix M3 Athlon Killer strangled at birth by Via

    What a strange, strange industry this is

    Business 09 17:53

  • UK boffins unveil $35 ‘2300GB on a PC Card’ RAM breakthrough

    Hard drive industry placed on DefCon 1

    Business 09 18:02

  • AMD goes public on Athlon

    No more non disclosures any more

    Business 09 18:04

  • Date rape gang circulates videos on the Internet

    Read it in the Sunday Papers

    Business 09 18:05

  • ‘2300GB on a PC Card’ RAM technology: more details

    Team also to revolutionise sanitation, gynaecology, spreadsheets

    Business 09 21:45