6th August 1999 Archive

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  • Cut price UK domain registrar mystery

    Who is behind the elusive UK Fast Hosting

    Business 06 09:49

  • Intel may snap up AMD

    In wake of Via's latest move

    Business 06 09:56

  • Why does Via want Centaur technology?

    Cores of WinChip and Cyrix utterly different

    Business 06 10:31

  • If Bill Gates were a European, he…

    Quote of the day

    Business 06 10:49

  • IBM slashes hard drive recording speed

    Ultra-fast hard drives coming... but not soon

    Business 06 10:56

  • Big Blue extends Linux support

    Alters earlier announcement to bring TurboLinux, SuSE into the deal

    Business 06 11:14

  • Intel Itanium trademark thin end of a thick wedge

    Reserving trademarks could breach US law

    Business 06 11:16

  • Rambus readies RAM RAID

    'Chipkill' technology to offer fault tolerant memory for high-end servers

    Business 06 11:36

  • Thai military in knots over Y2K threat

    Missiles taken offline as bug threatens to eat army's systems

    Business 06 11:42

  • Latest free ISP tries to hide face

    Freedomi hides under desk as Register comes a-swooping

    Business 06 11:47

  • Inland Revenue probes IBM for tax avoidance

    Ex-employee sparks allegations that funds were shipped to US to dodge UK tax

    Business 06 12:18

  • Ads watchdog issues free PC warning

    No such thing as a free lunch…

    Business 06 12:19

  • SGI to spill beans on new strategy

    Restructure announcement due Tuesday

    Business 06 12:30

  • EA, Sony swoop on Paradigm pirates

    But is the piracy situation quite as bad as the industry makes out?

    Business 06 15:17

  • Oz team challenges IIS hackers

    Software makes Web pages hack-proof, apparently

    Business 06 15:25

  • AMD K7 strategy is a tightrope walk

    Keeping gamesters and big businesses happy simultaneously is tough

    Business 06 15:35

  • MS' free Net access plan won't help MSN

    Zeroing connection fees comes way too late

    Business 06 15:36

  • Online shopping kids are full of beenz

    Net currency teams up with iCanBuy for junior ecommerce venture

    Business 06 15:39

  • AOL to hit UK with Fujitsu free PC package

    Updated: Big names in consumer market coming together?

    Business 06 15:53

  • Wall St tumbles as Net stocks stumble

    It really is the wibbly wobbly Web…

    Business 06 16:00


    Business 06 16:09

  • BT courts PC vendors for freebie bundle deal

    Love me tender…

    Business 06 16:28